Delta’s 1st Class Korean Meatball with Rice and Pickles Lunch – Yes Please – Num!

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Korean Meatball with Rice Delta first class lunch review RenesPoints blog

Sorry for blurry photo!

I really should have included this in my series of posts to St. Maarten but it really did not fit in with the narrative. However, I did really enjoy this meal on the way to position to Phoenix, PHX from Detroit, DTW (via SBN).

There are just so many challenges in producing a meal that will be good at all reheated after possible long term cold storage for maybe longer than planned for, if there is turbulence, for example, and more. I am constantly stunned just how good Delta meals at 500MPH are. But part of the key of any meal, in the air or on the ground is simply this, fat is flavor. A meatball is a great way to do this.

While the photo may not do the selection justice (not to mention the out of focus shot my old Note4 produced) this was a meal that just wow’ed me and I cannot wait to enjoy it again. Yes, it was just that good.

Let me run down what you are looking at and get your hunger going:

  • Large meatballs with perfect Korean spices
  • Crispy pickles and carrot slivers
  • Rice (not sure what kind but nice)
  • Side salad with balsamic vinaigrette
  • Crisp sourdough flat bread
  • Perfect strawberry and grapes
  • Brie and sharp cheddar cheese
  • Angel food cake with fruit filing

Folks that is packing a ton of strong flavors that hold up really well in a pressurized cabin. I wish I could have said the red wine that accompanied this feast was as exquisite and NUM as the meal but we know, as of late, Delta domestic wine has been in the “2 buck chuck” range. But enough about that.

The meatballs were all but perfect. I have enjoyed for weeks after this flight teasing and taunting a good friend who did not get to enjoy this and keep asking him if any flight he has been on has featured this. He just keeps texting me IH8U ! Ah well! 😉

Having the crisp pickles and carrots added a perfect tart feature to offset the sweat Korean BBQ flavor and with the flat bread added the crunch needed (plus, as a side note, FAs tend to take forever to bring bread rolls so this just works). The rice was not too dry but if I had to find the tinniest fault it would be that it could use more BBQ but I think that there are some who like more sauce and others, like my wife, who likes less. So call this a culinary quantity choice I understand.

The Delta side salads are normally refreshing and crisp. This one, if you can tell by the poor photo, was average.

On to the dessert course. I honestly don’t get this. I have had who knows how many Delta onboard meals and the fruit is almost always perfect. How do they do this? So impressive. The cheese can be at times a bit on the dry side. But with red wine it works (a good wine would make up for the dry cheese btw Delta food service when you read this – hint hint)!

Lastly we have the cake. I honestly could have the chocolate square they offer every time I fly forever. However a mix is good and this one worked. Fresh, light and the fruit filling even was refreshing.

There are few airline meals that are restaurant quality but this one comes close. I hope to fly another route that offers this again as I would order it in a heartbeat. So you tell me, have you tried the Delta Korean meatball lunch? Would you order it again? – René


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One comment

  1. That looks like the best domestic airline food I’ve never had. 🙂

    Sat in first class on AAL from SEA to DFW once (before I was a DAL flyer), and lunch was a fairly dry piece of salmon deposited on top of a perfunctory salad. The herb roll and warm nuts were pretty good though (but I could only eat the almonds and hazelnuts due to my allergy). I can’t remember what dessert was, but I know for sure it did not involve any cheese or fruit.

    Last time I can ever remember getting a meal in coach, I was a kid traveling with my parents from ANC to ORD on UAL, about the year 2000 or so. It was some disgusting BBQ “chicken” dish with white rice.

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