HURRY! Register (and print screen) for shot at 25,000 bonus Delta SkyMiles offer [targeted?]

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targeted email offer to Lisa from RenesPoints blog

Targeted Delta promo e-mail

UPDATE – WORKING with tip below!

Yesterday my wife got this “targeted” Delta offer for up to 25,000 SkyMiles for using their parters. The Delta T&C on the this page tells us that:

“1,000 miles for every participating non-airline partner they earn miles with between February 1, 2017, and April 30, 2017”

I have a bunch to say about this offer but the important things first. It seems to be open to ANYONE who puts in their SkyMiles number at the end of THIS url:   (cut & paste this and add SM number at end)

That is, after you click the above, type your SkyMiles number at the end and you should see a page like the below where I typed in 9999999999 and got:

proof of registration 1

Congrats to SkyMiles member 9999999999

Now if you do this one I would do a screenshot of the page showing you ARE registered with your SkyMiles number. Delta may still back out of paying you bonus points saying you were not targeted in the e-mail blast, but at least you will have some digital proof you did register.

shopping promo does NOT show up in my delta promos

Not showing in MY DELTA promos!

As mentioned from the outset my wife WAS targeted, while I was not, but even after she followed the e-mail link and it showed she was good to go this promo does NOT show up in her MY DELTA as a registered promotion.

Lastly, even if this does stick, should you do it? I am not going to go out of my way for either of us to chase this one. I no longer collect Delta SkyMiles this way. Sure I will take them FREE and if I happen to get the points free for stuff I do anyway I will clearly take them. However, if there is another card or bank or such that I value the points more from (almost anyone) I will take them over this or any Delta promo that does not pay MQMs! – René



  1. McAfee says “High Risk” and that site might be designed to perform some phishing. Likely be the case? Thus, accepting any SkyMiles number (even imagined ones) and not appearing in My Delta?
    Was only SkyMiles number needed?

  2. @Ralfinho – All the links are official and you will see Delta bits at bottom. Links for partners go to and all pages at bottom have: ©2017 Delta Air Lines, Inc.

  3. Okey dokey, didn’t look at your pics I have to admit. Just wanted to share what my McAfee add-on said. But thanks for the heads-up and the additional info!

  4. Is there any minimum to this? If I can earn 1 or 2 miles from something small from their partners well Delta give an additional 1000 each partner?

  5. It takes to to “you are registered” part right away, though when looking at “registered promotions” I see I’m not registered for this one.

  6. It seems pretty easy for them to back out if they want to since the terms specifically state: “This offer is exclusively for selected SkyMiles Members who receive the promotional email. Offer is not transferable to other Members.”.

    On the other hand, like you say, seems like it couldn’t hurt. If I read it correctly just charging something on your Delta Credit card is good for 1000 bonus points. So even if you do nothing else, that’s an easy 1000 points. Theoretically speaking, that is!

  7. @Bill G – Yep. That is why I suggest screen shots. I will be using my AMEX clearly and will complain after it is over if I do not get those points at least. 😉

  8. It says I am registered. Will see what happens!

    On another note.
    Can I purchase a day pass for a Sky Team lounge in Amsterdam and/or CDG.p? My daughter, 22 traveling alone. 4+ hour layovers. Don’t think the Delta Sky Club pass will work and I dont have one of those either.

    I have a reserve card.

    Rene, your email link does nit seem to be working.

  9. This is just a landing page where the sm variable is taken from the URL and displayed when the next page is displayed.

    I doubt there’s any record at all of registration.

    You may be able to call and mention the promotional code mentioned at the bottom of the T&C page

    Though, like Rene said. Don’t chase this one as it likely won’t pay out.

  10. So, would purchases from 25 online stores via Skymiles Shopping online portal qualify for the 25K? 🙂

  11. I wonder the same regarding steven jones’ question:

    Is SkyMiles shopping ONE partner, or are individual purchases from 25 different retailers (within SkyMiles shopping) considered 25 non-airline partner purchases?

    Although I doubt if Dell, or Macy’s, (i.e.) are ‘partners’ with Delta versus a participant within the SkyMiles Shopping partnership.

  12. And here is the answer to multiple purchases:

    Some partners offer multiple ways to earn miles under different products, brands, merchants, conversion of currency to miles, etc. These will still be considered a single partner. Some examples of these cases are: Hotels booked via Hotels or; merchants under the SkyMiles Shopping program; restaurants under the SkyMiles Dining program; Cruises under the SkyMiles Cruises program; hotel brands under the same Hotel portfolio; partner activity and a points conversion to miles from the same partner and others.

  13. This is what I got when I tried:

    This page has limited access only by selected members.

  14. @Pam W – Are you just clicking the link OR are you cut-N-paste and adding YOUR SkyMiles number as shown in RED at the top post?

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