Delta “drag” woman pleads guilty. Last days to purchase 2016 status points. NAI more than SAS & more!

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Rhima Coleman Photo Wayne County Airport Authority

Photo Credit: Wayne County Airport Authority – Rhima Coleman

I thought I would catch you up on a bunch of things that have grabbed my attention over the past week or so that are either Delta related or travel in general. Let’s dive in.


The first one is an update from “The Detroit News” that tells us that Rhima Coleman who is a UofM Asst. professor has decided to plead guilty to a misdemeanor and pay $495. It could have been much worse considering the way it went down as you can see from the video that broke here on the blog and went viral worldwide.


You have until the 15th to buy!

Next up you are just about out of time to possibly buy up your status for 2017 – that is, if you buy MQMs (or MQSs) for 2016 they will apply on THIS YEAR’S status. Yes, they will adjust what you have now and you may even have some rollover but to be clear they apply on last year’s totals. Lastly, the prices truly are “bat crazy” so if you do this – don’t ever do it again and this year do what it takes not to be in the same position again! Clear?

not the real part - if you gripe in the comments I will link to this stock photo

Via Bloomberg we find Delta can be a nasty parts supplier if they don’t like you and they REALLY don’t like Emirates and pulled the rug out from under them over a $300 part! It is funny this happened in Seattle with the breakup of the partnership with Alaska now only a few months away. It even reminds me of my reader guest post of how badly he was treated by Delta when he switched his cleared upgrade with Delta to his Alaska FF number and the results of what happened next. Sigh…

NAI bird

Photo Credit: InsideFlyer

The tells us that “For the first time, Norwegian flies more passengers than rival SAS“. I am not shocked at all. Why would the SAS EuroBonus program not drive more folks to fly SAS? Oh wait, because it is so bad it makes SkyMiles look like 18k GOLD BARS. Sorry, had to share that as I really hate the SAS FF program and they don’t seem to care to fix it (sounds familiar). Seriously though NAI is crushing it on low fares and are expanding fast. Delta should take note and for us we can expect to see lower and lower prices to Europe over the next many years. #Winning!

spg changes

Not good for ATL & DTW

I am so over it with SPG this year and the latest devaluations of locations I have used for years makes me even MORE happy I am a hotel free agent in 2017. The funny part of all of this is my wife was targeted for the 2x stay credits promo with SPG that means since she holds the AMEX SPG Business card she would only need 12 stays to be Platinum with both SPG and Marriott this year. But even that is not enough to drive her, or me, to return to SPG (and the devalutions don’t help either).


Me talking to Delta’s CEO

AJC tell us that Delta’s CEO Ed Bastian met with Trump and told him Delta plans to expand from the 80,000 professionals now working at Delta to well over 100,000! Sounds great. Can we maybe have some of them join SkyMiles and fix the program that is hopelessly broken (I can dream right)!

coca cola delta try table art

Photo Credit: Delta Air Lines PR site

I don’t get this one. Delta says that they are making “Delta and Coca-Cola Create Flying Art Gallery“. I have seen some photos floating around the web and the photos on the Delta PR blurb about the tray tables and they make me almost physically sick to look at. I think Delta had better increase their supply of barf bags when these are installed all over the cabin – YUCK!

So those are the headlines and bits that piqued my attention over the past few weeks. I am sure there were other bits that caught your eye, if so comment below and be sure to include the link to the news story for all to enjoy! – René

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  1. Having a 25 percent increase in employees sounds – absurd. It implies something on the order of a 25 percent increase in operations. Of course if Delta is unable to meet financial goals the first thing to be cut will be employees.

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