Were your Delta upgrades impacted by yesterday’s APP & Website IT issues? What happened to us!

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Monday, March 6, 2017 – A Guest Post from John (@laptoptravel)

Delta IT Glitch Twitter Post

Did you notice this IT issue with the Fly Delta App and Delta.com yesterday? Well, whether you noticed it or not, Delta had yet another (but much smaller) IT problem.  Around noon EST, Delta lost its website and mobile applications.  Customers were not able to check-in online, search for flights or access anything Delta.com related.  The same thing happened when trying to use FlyDelta, Delta’s mobile application.

Delta Mobile App Crash

I was told by Delta that “IT is undergoing maintenance to restore links.” Why they lost those links no one knows. Another source at Delta told me that there was an attempt to introduce some new software ‘updates’ and things got ‘hung up’ for a bit.

Regardless of what Delta was attempting to do it may have affected your flights in unintended negative ways. Take it from my own experience, and documented along the way sort of by accident.

Having blogged about a meet up with readers in Dallas and give some the opportunity to go on a mileage run, René had planned to fly in early and meet up at the Centurion Lounge in the DFW airport and then off to HardEight BBQ next with those arriving the day before the run today on Tuesday.

rene 1000 one thousand dollar delta air line bump voucher renespoints blog

It seems that due to the Air France strike issues, René’s flight from Atlanta to Dallas was oversold by 7 and he walked away with a $1,000 “bumpertunity” from Delta. Meanwhile, I had arrived in Dallas earlier along with a few flyers.

In preparation for the Mileage Run, I had been capturing screenshots and sharing data on our group’s upgrade possibility and flight loads. Prior to the IT malfunction, René and I were #1 and #2 on a specific segment. There were 4 seats unassigned in the first class cabin and after check-in we could see that those seats were open. Two other people in our same group were #3 and #4 on the same upgrade list.

However, after Delta processed the day’s upgrade clearances #3 person got a first class assignment and #4 also got an upgrade.  René, and myself stayed at #1 and #2, respectively. Knowing when people had purchased their tickets and their Medallion status both René and I knew that an error had occurred in the processing of first class upgrades.

Delta IT Glitch Upgrade

One of Our Group Got Confirmed Upgrade Over #1 & #2 on List? Not cool Delta!


Delta IT Glitch Upgrade List

Yep! Passed Over for Upgrades by #3 & #4 ;-(

In addition to the miscue in the upgrades a notice appeared on my seatmap as I looked to see what seats were open on the flight. Delta placed the following notice on my seatmap:

Message Advisory


It reads:

“Advisory Message: We can’t assign a seat because one or more passengers in this itinerary is on the standby list for a seat assignment. If you have an assigned seat and need to change it, please see an airport agent when you check in.”

Well, I had an assigned seat and I am traveling alone so this makes no sense.  It may also be a part of Delta’s IT system problems which led to my upgrade being passed over. I do not have an explanation for René, but he was not looking on a PC as I was doing; he was simply using the mobile app.

I did call Delta and they saw that there had been an error, but without explanation.  A ‘hiccup’ is how I believe the agent referenced it.  Hopefully my status can be cleared up with the gate agent to keep me in the queue for proper upgrade processing.

So, just a quick word of advice to check your own upcoming flights the next few days to make sure you do not have the same ‘Advisory Message’ placed on your flights and keep an eye on the upgrade lists and your own progress.

Did you notice anything strange or unexplained happen with your flights either yesterday or today? Please let us know in the comments; more data points are always appreciated. – Happy Jet Trails…..John @laptoptravel

Delta FCM or selling 1st class seats cheap at checkin renespoints blog

Nice to see after UG bugs from yesterday? No, not really Delta!

Thanks John for this guest post and for keeping up with the issues yesterday while I was in the air on my CRJ200 flight down to ATL. Scary when Delta IT issues can impact the integrity of the upgrade process like this. At least (said while I roll my eyes) the integrity of the FCM up-sell at check-in was working well this morning! – René


  1. The four remaining segments on this week’s itinerary have disappeared from the app but the Diamond line confirms they can see them. Hope my UGs haven’t disappeared by tomorrow morning too!

  2. I was not able to retrieve my boarding pass while walking into the airport but was able to print it at the kiosk. Fortunately I was already upgraded and it was DCA (easy airport to negotiate) so any negative impact was minimized.

  3. I was flying ATL-LGA on Monday. I heard about the glitch but only materialized in getting signed out of my mobile app. I still managed to score my upgrade being #1 on the list.

  4. I got autobooked onto Rene’s flight when I could have made my original connection but made $1000 because of Delta’s mess up and Rene working the price up to $1000!

  5. I flew AVL-ATL-SLC on Monday. My app was working at AVL, but had become inoperable when I reached ATL. I’d previously been upgraded to C+ for ATL-SLC. That did not change.

  6. I was running late for a LAX to PHX flight. Got in security line with my app boarding pass when the app crashed right as I was about to step up to the DHS attendant. Couldn’t get to reboot. Back downstairs, printed out paper boarding pass, back in security line. Sprinted to gate. Last person on plane. Was unaware, but I was upgraded to C+. Sat on tarmac for 20min. FYI – LAX is implementing a new take off system. Flights have been a mess for two days. App was running when I landed in PHX. (3pm MST)

  7. The APP didn’t cost me upgrades yesterday.

    FCM cost me upgrades yesterday.

  8. they offered $1,000 bump for 8 peeps atl-dfw on the 1pm flight but i got on and went to the meet-up!!! should have taken the $$$$ next time…

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