UPDATE: 8 Months after launch Delta Diamond Medallion “Guest Pass” Choice Benefit & Sky Club “downgrade” will be available to all.

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after 1OCT17 you can dump your Sky Club membership for guest pass

From Delta.com 6 April 2017

Well this is a timely IT fix (#SaidNoOneEver)! What fix? Well in January I posted about the breaking news that Delta was going to really improve the Medallion Choice Benefits. But then when it went live there was a major issue – that is, the fact that many Diamonds, who had been gifted individual Sky Club access, could not select the “Guest Pass” choice due to holding the free club access.

Now we  have  had  the news when this issue will be fixed as the Choice Benefits page on Delta.com. That is, it was updated for a few hours the other day (and has now been taken down) to say:

All Diamond Medallion Members who currently have an existing Delta Sky Club membership will not see the new Guest Pass option available and will not be able to select a Guess Pass until their current Delta Sky Club membership ends. To view your current membership end date, visit the Delta Sky Club membership section in My Wallet.

However, starting October 1, 2017: If you already have access with your credit card, you will have the option of overriding your existing Delta Sky Club Individual Membership by replacing it with the Delta Sky Club Guest Pass. Please note that by selecting the new Guest Pass benefit, your existing Individual Delta Sky Club membership will be canceled.” – Delta.com 5 April 2017

I have no idea why this info was posted on Delta.com, then removed, but recently Delta had the same problem with the change in wording for the new BOGO upgrade language on the web site so my guess is it will be back in a day or so.

Either way this is really frustrating and I am happy I did not wait till October (only months away from the next Medallion year) to choose my final Choice Benefit selection for 2018.

Some things to think about when it comes to the issue about Sky Club guest access before you feel I am being too harsh on Delta for this slow fix.

A) Delta used to allow guest access with the expensive Delta Reserve card
B) Delta used to give full membership to Diamonds
C) Delta should not have launched this when it does not work for all.

I would have loved to have been able to, this year for my 2018 selection, had 2 years of guesting 2 people into the club with my Delta Reserve card that I have held for years and years. Now I will just wait for my 2019 Choice. – René


Thank you for ALWAYS starting here!



  1. Any thoughts on the recent business class award devaluation between the US and Europe for partner flights? 85k hurts!

  2. Hey Rene – as a Diamond I wrote in my complaint on the devaluation of my sky miles rewards. It is outrageous how little miles are worth compared to just a short time ago. I hope everyone does the same, perhaps the new CEO will pay attention. He’s doing a heck of a lot more positive than the previous, but we need more. Regards.

  3. Hey Rene –

    Following your lead, I finally this year had enough rollover MQMs to rollover diamond and was going to use the 2 year trick on an executive membership or Guest pass. However, I’m guessing the $250,000 waiver requirement will put a big damper in this one?? Fortunately, I will be able to meet the $250k spend by late summer, but that’s not quite the same as rolling it over. Bye bye 2 year trick. no?

  4. @Alex – If you can make the spend, and want to, and can get the 125k MQMs then sure enjoy the perk. I will be skipping the 1/4m spend and do the partner earning by percentage of distance and fare class.

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