New Ugly Delta Headphones? Removed for Delta taxi lav visit! NYC Delta Helicopter rides. SXM press review. Airlines can game you back with Bumps & more!

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blade helicopter nyc delta

Fly BLADE from Twitter

Helicopters are one way to avoid all the mess folks are dealing with in NYC when UBER drivers refuse to take you where you want to go. To me it is funny that Delta is just months away from parking all the 747s yet when it comes to glossy ads notice the jet that is always picked! 😉

delta peegate atl to mke

Don’t EVER pee during taxi or else?

This next one is really disturbing and strange we did not hear about it (HT to PointsFitness for the find). I am sure, even on a taxi way, when parked for over half an hour you have seen someone who “had” to get up and pee. Did the jet ever return to the gate when this happened? I have been on flights where they had to get “back in line” and not take off, but never this event. Not cool Delta – not cool!


The wood look is back?

Delta is adding a new “premium” noise canceling headphone line for some domestic Delta One flights and the soon new Premium Economy seats (branded Premium Select). We just got rid of the faux wood trays in 1st class, but now we get faux wood headphones? Hummmm… I have never heard of LSTN but they seem to have good reviews on Amazon.

photos from SXM Maho Beach St. Maarten RenesPoints blog review (8)

There was a reporter Clint Henderson from Fox News along for the reader meet-up at SXM to start the year and there is a nice piece about the trip. There are some really fun quotes from yours truly and a number of other bloggers who joined us for the adventure.


When it comes to bumps it takes work to harvest thousands of dollars of credits each year. But know that the airlines can game you back – it is just how stuff works in the bump game! – René



  1. The story at the LSTN announcement link is strange. There is something wrong with those LSTN folks. They claim to have starred down a lioness in Kenya. Either they are misrepresenting the circumstances or are extremely foolish. And they ate live octopus in Korea. Those are often baby octopus where people cut off the tentacles and swallow them while they are still wiggling. The octopus is kept alive until all of the tentacles are cut off and eaten. It is then killed by sticking a finger in its head and ripping out the brain. Torturing intelligent creatures is nothing for LSTN or DL to brag about. IMO.

  2. I want to know what they do if the passenger asks the flight attendant to go to the bathroom saying its an emergency, the FA says, “NO!” and the passenger can’t hold it, and eventually pees on his pants, the seat, and creates an undesirable fragrance for those around him? Do they return to the gate? What if it’s shortly after takeoff?

    As Al Roker said on the Today Show this morning: Come on, Delta, sometimes common sense is needed when enforcing rules.

  3. This issue with the passenger needing to desperately use the lav is totally amazing. Passengers rush to make a tight connection and then sit on the plane for 45mins before they are allowed (if lucky) to get out of seats. FAs frequently are not happy if passengers need to use the lav before the plane has boarded full. FAs are not happy if you attempt to get up when they do at 10000 ft.

    I wonder if this passenger was in first class would the same events take place?

    Perhaps the FAs and the PILOT need to evaluate a situation like this before over reacting?

    Oh but the FAA has very strict rules may be an excuse – perhaps all of these recent events mean the FAA guidelines need to move into the new millennium.

    But also could we be seeing the start of a series of “who can get attention” stunts on the airlines?

    Note to self: Carry an extra gallon Ziploc bag with you when flying!

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