UPDATE: Delta / AMEX MQM weekend IT mess? This will take a while to fix for SkyMiles Medallions!

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Yesterday I posted about a new strange IT mess Delta was hit with that impacted many who happened to have the Delta co-branded AMEX Reserve card (personal or business). Folks were being awarded another round of bonus MQMs on top of the ones they already had received from the year before. While this sounds nice, I warned that these points would likely be “sucked back” and quickly so.

Today, after reaching out yesterday to Delta Corp for a statement about the mess, I was told:

“Delta inadvertently added Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs) to some SkyMiles accounts when a SkyMiles promotion code was incorrectly loaded late last week. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused. All accounts have been corrected to their appropriate MQM levels and Delta is reaching out to impacted SkyMiles Members directly to address any questions and concerns.” – Kate Modolo Delta Air Lines representative

This is much more than an “inconvenience” as some readers are reporting that an ADDITIONAL 30,000 MQMs were taken away from their accounts and @Delta on twitter is telling them it could take a week to fix and to be sure to have their Delta Medallion cards to show as they travel to get perks. If this is reassuring to you – I have a swamp to sell you. Not good folks!

I also asked a number of other questions and all of them went unanswered by Delta like:

  • What about folks who redeemed Choice Benefits at the higher fake weekend level? What happens to them? No answer was provided.
  • Also I wanted to know will this bug impact folks when they truly reach the elite level for real later this year? I fear for these folks as Delta is not saying.
  • I asked if Delta would put anything up on the Delta News Hub about this issue? Again just silence and my guess is they want this current new mess downplayed as much as possible.

Bottom line is if your Medallion account is a mess you may or may not be “reached out to” by Delta and have it fixed. I would proactively check your account and all your flights and expect this IT mess to impact may of us who hold a Delta Reserve card for the rest of this medallion year (and maybe beyond). – Rene



  1. Lonely! In the decades that I’ve been flying with Delta the past few weeks have been the worst ever.

    It’s hard enough to get an upgrade as a Diamond. Now we have to compete with fake Diamonds…

    I’ve been the biggest fan of Delta in years past but I feel snake bitten these days.

  2. My DL account still shows No Status (Silver) and non rollover MQM’s as of yet.

  3. They gave me 30k MQMS and took that same amount back today, which I expected…..BUT, they have not given me any miles or MQMS for my 2 flights yesterday and in fact are only listing the 1st segment as of now.
    I’ll give them another day or so.

  4. I will add that I’m still listed as making platinum next year when in fact I should have just hit gold with my flights yesterday.

  5. Rene, You were right in your previous post that we shouldn’t get too excited about the magical MQM drop from heaven. Saturday evening I was in London checking my flight for the next morning, when I saw that Delta had just given me a 30,000 MQM bonus! It sure made me feel special-for about 24 hrs. They sucked them back just like you said they would; I guess that’s fair, because I really didn’t earn them. But, I still miss them.
    On another topic.
    As a Diamond I’m used to boarding with First Class even when I’m in Main Cabin. Does this usually apply when flying with a Delta code share partner? Yesterday I flew code share Virgin Atlantic from LHR to ATL. I was allowed to board with their “Upper Class” although I was booked in “Peasant Class”. My boarding card clearly showed that I was in row 42 , but they just smiled and welcomed me aboard. I really was impressed with Virgin Atlantic. The “Virgin Clubhouse ” at LHR has spoiled me. I don’t think I can go back to Delta Sky Clubs. It’s big it’s beautiful and fully staffed. There’s a buffet if you want something quick, but they offer table service fast and cooked to order. I had Eggs Benedict with a side of crumpets. The server also noted our flight number and said she would alert us to any delay or gate change. Wow !

  6. First I was bumped to Platinum.
    Then last night I got notice of my new Diamond status.
    Today I’m back to Gold.


  7. Yup. on Friday I had ~976k MQMs to Million-mile’er status. Got the email Sunday – “congratulations for hitting MM!”, picked the Tumi briefcase, had the MM badge on my account etc…. This AM, badge is gone, back at ~976k MQM’s – no offsetting transaction on my account activity – just gone (bothers me that when Delta makes a mistake they just erase it vs. leave an adjusting entry, I know they are not a bank, but we spend real $ to qualify and deserve some ‘transactional-integrity’) – this is not the first time this has happened with some aspect of my points / status. The only solace I can take is that the account is back to where it was Friday – this is not a situation where the cure caused more problems (for me anyway) than the disease. I wonder if I’ll get my bag? 😉

  8. Also not able to access manage my upgrades either. Been dealing with Twitter and they are awful and worthless employees.
    I will stick the nice Phone Reps (whom for the most are have be helpful) I have dealt with in the past but was unable today.
    Goodbye 17 years of elite with Delta.

  9. Hi, Rene’ let me first state that I was a DM last year, a DM this year and 6000 miles from DM for 2018. I received an email today from DL stating miles were added to my SkyMiles account, they are sorry and the miles have been removed.

    Unless this was done in the middle of the night – added and taken back – I have not seen any miles credited to my account. since my last trip in April. Nothing strange in Account Activity either, but guess they could remove that as well.

  10. Received 30k mqms Sunday, they were gone Monday. Today missing 7k more. After 30 min on phone, they magically appeared again. But rep told me if you picked gift over w/e due to making PM or DM in error, you get to keep it! I voiced unfairness in that and then told only if uou used gift uou got to keep it…..like getting RUC and using them. Still think they should honor their error.

  11. my account has returned to correct information – regret not trying to get my platinum gift 🙂

  12. @Jack – I am shocked they are allowing those who choose Choice Benefits to keep them. Really bad IMO. My guess is they don’t know how to un-do those.

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