Delta / Amex adds Comfort Plus for Delta Amex Reserve Card BOGO certs!

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I must have totally missed this one as per Delta this change happened a few weeks ago. I find real value booking 1st class tickets with my Delta Reserve card AMEX BOGO but now that I can upgrade to 1st class (and C+) with it and even have my +1 included I don’t know how much I will personally use this but those who are not elites have another option if they can not find a 1st class seat to book. Notice the update on the Delta news page:

Per “Delta Reserve Card Members Can Now Enjoy More Flexibility When Redeeming Companion Certificates. Starting June 21, 2017, Delta Comfort+ will be added as a new booking option for Delta Reserve Card Members for Companion Certificate redemptions. Reserve Card Members now have the option to redeem their Companion Certificate for Delta Comfort+ fares in addition to certain First Class and Main Cabin fares, which are subject to availability.” – Bold mine

I know a number of readers have found it challenging to find 1st class space due to the restricted fare classes you can use the BOGO certs. I would suggest considering ADAMs help as yes he can help you book these as well. If not, booking now in C+ is another nice choice to use this card perk!

The updated wording in the T&C from in my wallet tells me for the certs:

Origin and Destination Companion certificate is valid for one round-trip First-Class, Delta Comfort+® or Main Cabin companion ticket with the payment of applicable taxes and fees detailed below and the purchase of certain adult round-trip fares on published routings within the 48 contiguous United States.

Residents of Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands must originate from there to the 48 contiguous United States.
Booking Class Seats are limited in First-Class to A, I class of service, in Delta Comfort+ to W class of service, and in Main Cabin to L, U, T, X, V class of service.

All fare rules, restrictions, advance purchase requirements, and availability are per rule of Primary Ticket fare purchased.

Farebasis Code/Ticket Designator Applicable fare basis code/NN1M (paid) SCMPL8/NN1M(companion)

While not a total game changer this is an improvement. You tell me – does this add more value to the AMEX / Delta BOGO certs to you? – Rene


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  1. What about lowly Amex Platinum cards? I have 2 Platinum cards, 1 personal & 1 biz, and I’ve spent $50K+ on each earning 40K bonus MQMs. Is it “safe” to upgrade to reserve card now? I think in a prior blog post you cautioned against upgrading.

  2. Do you need to book at the same time. Say I find a first class seat and my spouse later decides to join me. If there is a first class seat open and the fare code qualifies, can it ask them to use the cert??

  3. @Rene, but I’ve already got all the 40K bonus MQMs and 40K miles “in the bank” for 2017 spend ($50K each on 2 Platinum cards). They can’t claw them back, can they? Yikes! Well, you’ve almost got me hooked… what number do I call or link should I use? Is there a Rene promo code for the referral?

  4. Slightly off topic, but I was able to use Reserve companion certificate to book a round trip, with the outbound in coach and the return in first. Have not seen this before

  5. @Carol – Interesting and no I had not seen that either. Nice if that is all you can find and get it spent. Let me know if you UG to 1st anyway as THAT is possible now too!

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