What a Brilliant Personal Touch! This Is Way Better Delta Than a Forced GST “Thank You”!

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One of the Delta FAs I follow on twitter this morning posted a photo of her effort to put a special touch and welcome to those in her 1st class cabin. Just brilliant – what a perfect way to add a personal touch to Delta’s company effort of thanking those who choose to fly Delta.

I love these – you?

I really respect when Delta people take the time for subtle, and yet touching, expressions of appreciation for loyal frequent flyers. And the best part about either Abby’s effort or cards like the one you see above is they:

  • Warm the heart and are genuine
  • They are subtle vs. distracting
  • Last in a customer’s memory

And likely a few more but these are the ones that I think matter most. To me, and feel free to tell me if you feel the same way, these types of personal efforts just touch me so much more than a FA holding their GST and thanking me for being a million miler or whatever as I know they are likely only doing this because they have been told to do so. Now maybe the thank you cards are also some kind of direction from Delta, but it does not come across that way to me – it feels personal.

Next I like these over the GST thank yous because it is subtle and does not distract me. I think most folks who fly often mostly want to be left alone. They have either work to do or want a chance to relax or collect their thoughts before a meeting and exchanging pleasantries with a seat mate or an FA is not what they are looking for flight after flight.

The above ties in also. A hand written note on a napkin or a card lasts in my memory compared to anything verbal anyone says to me from Delta. For example, I could care less if the captain is standing at the door as I exit the aircraft but to Delta, when you look at e-mail surveys post flight, this is of life and death importance to them. Why I ask you? Same goes for a gate agent mechanically thanking me for my whatever status – just stop.

Anyway, Delta talks a ton about the “Delta Difference” and I hope one day I get to fly with Abby and see welcome Mr.de Lambert on a napkin – you? – René



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  1. While some of those recognitions may be very personal from the flight attendant, flight attendants Are getting indication on their handheld device who to thank and recognize. In fact, as I understand it, there is a thumbs-up indication next to the seat or name of seen passengers. Either way, a very nice touch!

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