Delta Air Lines Sky Club LAX Los Angeles Terminal 3 Review

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I can say a lot of really good things about the Delta LAX T3 Sky Club. No really, I can. Don’t believe me? Let me make a list:

  1. It is above a Shake Shack (good right)?
  2. You can take an elevator or stairs to get there (exercise is good)!
  3. They are planning to build a new one (very good idea).
  4. It is open almost round the clock (only closed 1AM-4:30AM is good).
  5. The tiny club size allows you to get to know your fellow travelers (social good).
  6. No showers means you don’t have to wait in line to shower (err, hummm).
  7. They have an emergency exit in case of fire (safety first with Delta).

OK I will stop with the fake good-ish bullet points but seriously as I go through this there are some good things about this club you may not be aware of. Also remember in the old setup there was only one Sky Club (yes there was an Alaska club but that does not really count).

You can get in with a number of AMEX cards or, if you are a Skyteam elite plus status and are on a coach or anyone on a business class international departing (or connecting) ticket, you can also get in free.

I will say these open times are impressive. I was here at open so don’t let my wide open seat photos fool you. Unless you are here at 4:30AM this club can become packed to the gills. But Delta is working with what they can in the space available.

There is one check-in and customer service counter but expect to see a rep at the door to scan you in with a hand held device if you do not need to pay to enter. Also, at least during the day, expect to see a CLEAR rep to sign you up for that amazing service.

The club is basically in the shape of an upside down T with a bulk of the seating just left of entrance.

Bathrooms are located behind the wall of glass art. An interesting focal point if nothing else.

As you proceed into the club on the left are soups, chips and cookies all pre packaged.

Right side you have two refrigerated units also with pre packaged selections as well as a coffee station. While maybe not glamorous I do give Delta credit. There are a ton of choices here in this tiny space including yogurt, chips and salsa, cheese, wraps, fruit, vegetables and much more. I don’t think they want you to take stuff with you (i.e. food is for consumption in the club) but the to go style packages do facilitate that if the club is too packed for your liking.

There is another big perk to this club – while there is a bar with bartenders this is NOT a “luxury bar” so everything you see above is free of charge (other than the fee to get in clearly). No Woodford Reserve but for those who like bourbon there are a number of very fine complimentary choices. Well done Delta!

At the end of the T is where you want to be if you like views of the runways (when the sun is up).

Delta also, creatively I might add, has these little power / table stands all over the club. We all need power and this helps in the tiny space. Also, just like the T2 club, the wifi was blazing fast. Really, really nice!

Overall, with what they have to work with, the T3 Sky Club does a good job. Yes it is tiny and yes it can be crowded but I think all the pluses outweigh the negatives until Delta has a chance to demolish the entire T3 concourse and build a new. I will say, compared to the ridiculous crowding at the gate area, this is a better place to wait for your flight.

What do you think. Did you enjoy your visit to this club? – René



  1. The T3 club is so small it’s like a shoe closet , compared to the clubs in T5 &T6

  2. Anything has to be better than waiting in the T3 gate areas below – every seat occupied, trash strewn about, fighting your way through gate lice just to get to the restrooms. Oh, and speaking of restrooms – one stall, and no dividers between the urinals in the men’s room. Surprised it isn’t just a trough like you see at older sports venues. Welcome to California! LOL

  3. @TJK – I could not force myself to take a photo inside the bathroom for the next part of the review 🙁

  4. Size is an issue here for sure. There are probably two to three times a month I walk into a Skyclub and turn around and leave due to the lines, lack of food stocked,no seating, the mess etc. This happens in a few airports around the country. I realize there are busy times but sometimes it is a better experience outside of the club we pay for.

    Side note I hope the staff has changed at LAX. I often felt like I was trying to get backstage at a U2 concert by just simply trying to enter. Rude greeters and a police like state. There is room for improvement here.

  5. I was there on a Friday afternoon..crowded and ok. but the gate areas were a Chaotic mess–a Zoo!!!.Returned on sat one there or in terminal but neither was the air conditioning??? very hot in the terminal(3)They need to get it together.. It will take a long time to get a new club up ad running!!!

  6. Dang! Delta really cleaned up the old Virgin America Loft and made it bright and cheery. And what’s that? Free food? Free Yogurt? Free Booze? Literally, a night and day difference.

    The VX Loft was like walking into the BatCave. I’m impressed with the makeover by Delta.

    Still, a terrible terminal. But nice job, Delta.

  7. It was so crowded the day I was there it was unbearable. Each time I stood up, somebody took my “perch”. I was alone so nobody to save it for me. Even putting hand luggage didn’t work – they just dumped it on the floor! It is marginally better than waiting downstairs which is just a fire hazard. Can we get Ed Bastian to try all this during rush hour and see if he thinks it is tolerable?

  8. The fact that it’s better than the gate area means nothing … The gate area sets one of the lowest bars possible for airport experience.

    When I go to a Sky Club, I expect a comfortable, relaxing place to spend time. Free food and drinks doesn’t cut it. This lounge is packed nearly all day, claustrophobic, with seating that’s mostly like sitting in a cafeteria.

    Lousy lousy lousy.

  9. As most above, this is by far the worst club I’ve been in. Small, crowded, crappy food, and one thing stands out as truly bizarre. There are these stools built by sadists that tilt in all directions on some sort of pivot which make it absolutely impossible to sit without falling off. They are a real safety hazard. I can’t imagine someone hasn’t gotten hurt. Delta should be sued.

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