Interesting: Would you order a new car “test drive” via Uber? Volvo is in Sweden!

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Well this is the first time I have ever seen this via Uber. In Gothenburg, if you want to test drive a Volvo XC60 you can have it come to you via Uber and take a free Uber ride with you doing the driving! Here is the link to the post on Swedish Uber.

Since you likely do not read Swedish I have translated it and added some wording for English clarity. It says:

“From Thursday to Saturday between 09:00 and 21:00 you have the chance to test the whole new Volvo XC60, directly through the Uber app. Choose “Volvo XC60” in your app and a car ready to test drive arrives within minutes.

Take a test drive to a meeting, lunch or why not to AWn? Your friends are also welcome. You can have up to three passengers with you during the trip with a Volvo expert. All test drives are free!

This is how you request a test drive:

Select the “Volvo XC60” option, to the right of your Uber app
Click on “ORDER VOLVO”
A car will soon be on the way for your test drive*

* Important: In order to test drive the XC60, you must show a valid driving license. Test drives are limited to Gothenburg city and max 25 min per booking. The number of cars available is limited and demand can be high if you fail to catch a ride, try again! No pre-ordered rides are possible.” – Sweden

I really think this is a great idea. Now as an Uber driver, who I am assuming will be in the car with you the whole time, I am not so sure I would love the idea of anyone driving ME around.

Would this work over here in the states? I think so. I would love to be able to try out a brand new whatever and get to where I want to go. What do you think? Would you test drive a car via Uber? – René





  1. It lioks like Volvo is using Uber as a way to promote the new XC60 but this don’t think it is a real Uber driver and hiw own car. It says that there will be a Volvo expert on the car with you. I assume if you order this Uber you will get a Volvo employee with the car so you can test it while going to your destination. Very smart idea in my opinion although if I was really interested to buy the car I would go to a real dealer to test drive it.

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