A “Must Try” – The Shrimp Burger at Café No Sé in Austin Texas – #IronChefEats

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I am a big fan of the Food Network. My wife and I have learned so much from watching shows like the Iron Chef series with mega stars like Alton Brown. On a spin off of that show Chef Tim Love visited a location in Austin called Café No Sé (like my name René, the é is pronounced as an “A”).

The restaurant is in the “trendy” part of Austin and there are all kinds of neat places in and around this place and worth a visit if you happen to be in town for BBQ like me.

I love the bright open feel of this place. Service was outstanding and I felt that warm, southern style. Nice.

The menu is not extensive but who cares – I am for one thing – the Shrimp Burger highlighted on an episode of Iron Chef Eats.

Another item I also had to try, since I had never had it before ever, was a Coca Cola from Mexico made not with corn syrup but pure cane sugar. I have been told it is the “only way” to drink a real Coke. It was good, but not what I had built up in my mind I guess.

But the Shrimp Burger was “all that” and more than I had expected. Notice all the goodness and ingredients.

  • Toasted Brioche bun with sesame seeds
  • Spicy kewpie mayo
  • Bok choy slaw
  • Julienne carrots
  • Parsley
  • Sliced jalapenos
  • Red onions
  • Lightly dressed side salad of mixed greens

The result of this combination is just “Num Num Num” with a bit of heat and kick (we are in Texas after all).

Also they do not completely grind the cooked shrimp into mush as you can see from the shot above that is there are large chunks of shrimp in the grilled burger itself. If you are in Austin for a visit you really should make time to try this.

One #ProTip if you do come for a visit. There is a parking garage under the restaurant that charges $3/hr to park. Be sure to bring in your parking pass and they will validate it for you (love this)!

On a side note being a “foodie”, I have to say of all the @RenesPoints followers on twitter, I love that @FoodNetwork, @AltonBrown and another of my absolute favorites chef’s @JetTila follows the blog.

So have you ever been to Café No Sé in Austin? Did you try the shrimp burger and like it as much as me? – René


  1. Franklin BBQ is another popular spot. Order online to avoid the long lines. And while you’re in Austin, check out NLand surf park. Basically it’s a man made lake the size of 9 football fields designed for the sole purpose of surfing. Amazing. Only one of its kind in the US. Perfect place to learn.

  2. René, if you drank a Coca-Cola virtually anywhere else in the world outside of the United States — and I am certain that you have — then the Coca-Cola from Mexico would not be any big deal for you because they are made with sugar as well.

    Additionally, Coca-Cola made with sugar is usually less sweet than its counterpart made with high fructose corn syrup — and some people may not like that.

    If I am going to drink Coca-Cola, I prefer sugar in a glass bottle and chilled — just the way you had it…

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