The cheapest 10,000 MQM year end Delta elite Mileage Run you can take – but act fast!

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There is a simple reason the amazing current Delta Amex (PERSONAL ONLY) Reserve card is not getting blasted over and over on blogs – it is only a sweet deal for those who are chasing status on Delta. And let’s face it, in the blogosphere, most are:

  • Not fans of Delta
  • Not fans of chasing status (anymore)
  • Not fans of SkyMiles

And so on. But if you are reading this you likely are a Delta flyer and very likely do care about your elite status. So let’s pay attention to why you really should jump on this card but ONLY if you have never EVER had it before as the new card bonus is tied to the 1x lifetime rule. Do keep in mind it is if AMEX says you have never had it so it is worth doing a chat to find out.

Moving on. So why is now the time to jump on this offer and the cheapest elite mileage run you could possibly take? First the points:

10,000 MQMs. – I like mileage runs in coach to cost less that 4 CPM in coach and 8 CPM in business class (cent per mile to earn them). The card has a non waived $450 fee but hang on…

40,000 SkyMiles (after $3000 spend). At dead rock bottom value, since as a Reserve card holder you can use PWM or Pay With Miles, a SkyMile is worth 1 cent each. Thus Amex is giving you $400 back resulting in your 1st full year fee net costing you out of pocket $50.

The simple math means the cost for this credit card “mileage run” is just 0.5CPM. That is crazy sick low and I would fly that any day in any cabin for that kind of price. But look at what else you get:

Sky Club free when flying Delta (for you only) for a year. As long as you are on a Delta ticket, pre or post flight (or connecting) you can get in free. Consider it costs, gasp, $495 for one year of individual club membership you can see the value. The only drawback of the card vs. really having membership is the card will NOT get you into partner clubs but for domestic use the card perk is sweet at this price.

BOGO. Now you do NOT get a BOGO cert year one. It will hit your account year two after the fee bills again. However, you could choose (inside 30 days after billing) to cancel your Reserve card at that point should you want to and the cert does not go away. You do NOT have to pay with your Delta Amex Reserve card to use the cert later.

More upgrades. Let’s face it – holding a Reserve card will mean more upgrades as it is part of the mix of who gets to ride up front. For the net $50 if you even score just one more upgrade in the next year or so is that not worth it? #HelloMcFly – Yes!

Now I could go on and on with other perks like having another card for SYNC offers and so on but the bottom line is even if you already hold another Delta card, and have paid the yearly fee for that as well, this one is worth it for the MQMs alone – the rest are just nice perks for at least a year.

Bottom line, if you have not had this Delta Amex card personal Reserve card offer before, jump on it now – I would if I could. I have no idea how long this offer will last as Amex has not told us so it could end anytime (like even as soon as next week)! – René





  1. Do you really think this will end soon? Was going to pick it up in November when I drop my Amex Plat. This offer has been going on for a long time.

  2. @Rich – Live for about a month. No idea but have been alerted Amex will update some cards over next 10 days.

  3. Ugh. I really don’t want another credit card so was considering upgrading my current Delta Plat to Reserve. With this offer, maybe I’ll just get another card.

  4. @Rene I got the AMEX Reserve card this March based on your recommendation, and so far it’s worked out pretty well. Since getting the card I’ve gone from Silver to Gold, will reach Platinum in another month, and Diamond is within reach before year end.

    Even at Gold status, I’m getting bumped to 1st almost 50% of the time now. I even got a bump JFK->ATL this week, which I didn’t expect woudl ever happen. It’s all business flying, so I don’t know if it’s the time of day or day of week, seems not to matter that much.

    The only thing I don’t like is when I travel JFK->LHR I can’t use the Sky Club because I’m on a Premium Economy VS ticket (which BTW is a great service!).

    Thanks for the great work you do..

  5. you forgot to mention that additional perk if you charge $60,000 on the card in a calendar year, you receive 30,000 MQM’s.

  6. @Rick – Oh sure but with few months left I did not want someone to say there is not enough time for that much spend. Now I did 30k in 7 days so it can be done but wanted to focus on the simple stuff. But yes thanks for your comment!

  7. where on Delta are miles for flight shown? need to find so can calculate cost per mile

  8. I guess I’ve come late to the game but I already have a personal Delta Platinum AMEX… can I still get in on this with a personal Reserve AMEX Card?

  9. @Jeff – Sure. Each card is a unique product and you can get the new card bonus for each one. Again, do NOT upgrade as you risk not getting points. Get a new card then decide if you want to keep both card.

  10. I did this last year to move from GM to PM. No regrets. In the upgrade hierarchy, a PM with the Reserve Card has more status than a PM without. SkyClub and a companion pass seals the deal.

  11. Hi, I do not see the offer for 40k + 10k MQMs when I follow the links from your site to the card site. Has it expired? Thanks.

  12. @Rene – Okay I bit the bullet. I didn’t want another inquiry on my report but it’s the only card I’ve applied for this year so it’s fine. I wanted the MQM’s and bonus miles. I now have the Delta Plat and Reserve. I have around $43K on the Plat so far this year. I’ll spend to $50k to get the second boost and will likely cancel that card.

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