Testing CLEAR in the B Atlanta ATL Sky Club – What do you think about biometrics travel?

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On my last trip through Atlanta I had just enough time to pop into one of the nicest, but often very crowded, Delta Sky Clubs that is the B club with stunning airport views from either side. If you have never been to this club you really should go.

While I am a full Sky Club member so I can scan almost anything like my boarding pass, my Sky Club or SkyMiles card (digital or real) and get in, I like clear (fyi if you just got a Delta Reserve card under the current amazing offer, and it is in your profile correctly, you do NOT need to get the card out either).

What is really new to this club is CLEAR biometrics entrance. As you may have seen in the news, Delta is going to one day let you check-in, clear security, enter the Sky Club and board all with just you finger print – no other ID needed. I personally love this but some have issues with the “what if’s” and given how many mega companies have been hacked I understand that. All I can say is CLEAR and DELTA better be spending whatever it takes to make sure they do keep our data secure.

It took the rep just a few seconds to find me and then all my normal info was there including my membership level and flights etc. Very slick and quick.

But was it that much better? I know there are times your battery on your phone will be low but most times I always have it at hand. I don’t need an ID to get into the Sky Club so my backup paper boarding pass I always travel with is also quick. I guess I like this feature but not as much as say for security or at check-in or boarding maybe. I look forward to testing these as well.

What do you think? Do you have CLEAR yet? Will all these changes motivate you to get CLEAR? Are you concerned about privacy or IT security with biometrics? Let us know in the comments below! – Rene



  1. CLEAR is nice. Had to switch airlines(and terminals) at SFO on Sunday morning. CLEAR jumped and escorted me past approximately 100 people. I love getting the glare as I pass by. The agent was super nice.
    Highly recommend.
    As an aside, just showing Reserve card is enough to get into the SkyClub as the agent said my boarding pass was “attached” to the card. No need to present it or Platinum card. Very smooth.

  2. I love the idea of CLEAR. The fact that I can bypass the TSA line is what I like about it. Had no idea I would be able to use it to board and gain entrance to Sky Clubs makes it all that much more appealing. Of course, I live in a small market so we don’t have CLEAR yet with no idea when and if we would. I’m not really all that concerned about privacy anyway – in this digital age, “they” know way too much about me anyway. I would think that biometrics makes my IT security all that much better. Sure, someone could gain access to my data via hacking and potentially replace their biometrics with mine, but that would be a risk I was willing to take in this digital age. It’s the way it will all be going anyway. Biometrics will be taken at birth and used for everything – either that or an implanted chip. Hail progress and technology.

  3. I’d expect this to be rolled out at the highest volume clubs within a couple of years. Neat stuff.

  4. I have CLEAR. My fingerprints are worn out, so I always have to use my iris. Does the Sky Club have iris scan??

  5. I love clear, this is a true enhancement to the diamond program. Not sure if I’d pay for it though if it wasn’t comped.

    Is there a dedicated line for Clear members? If there isn’t and you still have to wait for an agent how does this save time? If you still have to wait in a long line that is plenty of time to pull up the BP on your phone or watch (it would have been up just a few seconds earlier anyway for TSA)?

  6. That sucks if you can’t have your iris scanned. I have issues with my fingerprints a lot at the TSA security lane and just tell them to scan my eyes.

    Not sure why people have an issue with their fingerprints being on file. Most of the people that would be reading these blogs are frequent travelers who would have GE or Precheck and they have your fingerprints on file anyway.

    I’m told some bigger baseball/football arenas are now using Clear as well. I’d love it if I could link concert tickets to clear if they would have a dedicated clear lane and be able to bypass long lines at popular venues

  7. @gary. Yes a dedicated lane usually right next to, but separated from, the usual(long) ID lines. Usually less than 1 or 2 people.This is a for-profit program so the agents are usually very nice and escort you past TSA ID check right to baggage screening. Prepare for the glare from the unknowing:).
    In some airports this is a huge(YUGE:) time-saver. Scan your boarding pass, press two fingers on the pad, BOOM DONE.

  8. Got clear and love it for security. Nice to see it will be added to the Sky clubs. Naturally, I do have concerns about risk related to information. Everything is a trade-off in the end.

  9. Loving CLEAR over all. The only frustration is the lack of uniformity with TSA. SLC once past clear you don’t need anything. DIA you need your boarding pass scanned again by TSA. DFW you only get Pre-Check Lite.

    Hopefully a uniform standard will develop. And yes, I would pay for this as a FF. In fact I am paying for my family members so they can use CLEAR when traveling with me, as I don’t want to have to wait for them 🙂

  10. Love Clear. I can now choose between it and TSA Pre depending on which one has a shorter line.
    I’m a realist however. I believe it too will one day be hacked and my finger prints and iris scan will join my SS number and my other personal information already floating around in cyberspace. If it’s on a computer connected to the internet, it can and almost certainly will eventually be hacked.

  11. I’ve been using Clear for almost a year at Delta LGA. the best thing about is I get to cut the line of TSA-Pre. Sweet!

  12. my fingers were not working but got them re-added to the system now they are good to go!!

  13. I love clear
    It outshines all the expedited options
    I am WAITING for #clear and JFK ???? When plz?
    I love iris Scan
    My fingerprints are. Ot so clea

  14. I was at the B club 2 weeks ago and when I scanned my prints it didn’t work. We tried 3 times then scanned my membership card. Clear usually works fine for me but didn’t that day at the club.

  15. Clear is one of the, if not the, best real enhancements for Diamonds.

    Regarding safe data, it seems there really is no such thing. The only question is whether the value of the information exceeds the cost and effort in stealing it.

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