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Will you be sad to see the KLM Fokker F-70 go or fly the final flight? Plus Delta CS100 comparisons (everything old is new again)!

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With so much of my family in western Sweden, and being a Delta / Skyteam flyer, I have flown the KLM Fokker F-70 any number of times connecting between Amsterdam and Gothenburg airport. If you have not seen one, and are in Amsterdam, you can go up to the observation deck as they have hoisted one up onto the roof!

KLM on their news site has posted the final flight(s) for the F-70 and it seems they are going to make it a real social media sendoff for the jet. I will not be making the trek over to fly the final flight as, for now, I plan to be flying the inaugural Delta A350 flight to Japan on October 30th and don’t want to pop back and forth across the Atlantic the day before.

One of the things I really liked about flying the F-70 was the seat map that is 2-3 configuration. While there is no real business class on these they do block the middle seat and if you are flying solo you can get an extra seat for yourself (most times).

We Delta flyers have the B717 that is, at least from a passenger perspective, a similar jet in number of passengers and also with a 2-3 seat configuration in coach and real 2-2 up in business class. But considering the average age of these jets they got from AirTran / Southwest is ~16 years, my guess is we are slowly nearing the end of life for this jet as well.

But that brings us to the CS100 jet that soon will start flying for Delta and with 108 seats will make all things old new again. We will enjoy a modern new jet with 2-3 seating in coach (with a larger middle seat) and 2-2 up front. I can not wait!

So you tell me. Will you be sad to see the F-70 no longer in the skies above Europe? Are you going to try to fly the final flight? What about the Delta B717 – are you a fan? Excited about the coming CS100s? Let us know in the comments below. – René


  1. While it will be sad to see the “baby” Fokker 70 go, I look forward to seeing the larger Fokker 100 retired as well. Maybe it’s because I am always bussed out to the in AMS, that I object.

  2. 717 is a welcome replacement for second and third tier airports once served by regionals like DAL, MDW, AVP. I love the grab bars that run along the sides reminiscent of the old DC – 9s.

  3. rene

    @GoAmtrack – Sure. Buy VDGCs and them buy MOs and use those to pay mortgage. Or, there are some banks that allow mortgage payments with debit cards (they are few and not likely yours but worth checking at least).

  4. TJK from DTW

    Nearing end of life for the 717? Ha! At 16 years old, those birds are spring chickens in the DL short-to-medium haul fleet. 😉

  5. rene

    @TJK – Well, I agree that Delta does tend to fly jets for a VERY long time with a bunch 20+ years old.

  6. GoAmtrak

    Thanks, Rene. I’ve never been much into MS, only dabbled in Plastiq. Need to bone up on gift card->MO strategy going forward!

  7. I will miss the chance to fly with the King. I hear he is transitioning to the 737?
    I am ready for the CS100. Time to give the MD88 a suntan in the desert.

  8. Tom Levitan

    I think the CS 100 will likely be a good addition.
    I flew on the Russian version, the Sukhoi Super Jet on Brussels Air earlier this summer and found it very comfortable.

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