SWAG Saturday: 4×4 Delta HOOU Coupons up for grabs – Part 2

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UPDATE: No more comments, we have our winners (109, 114, 90, 28) with help from Random.org.  I will contact the winners on Monday!


OK time for round 2. Thanks to a very kind reader Evan, I have a rather LARGE stack of Delta HOOU coupons to give away. Do note they expire after 31DEC17 i.e. this year so only play along if you are flying before the end of this year. Each HOOU is good for one of the below:

  • A beer
  • A cocktail
  • A headset
  • A wine split

You can use them on any Delta or Delta connection flight. Also please realize all of the above are FREE on international flights so you will only need these coupons in coach a.k.a main cabin on domestic flights. Also, sadly, you can NOT use them in Sky Clubs for better drinks – only on-board jets.

Now the rules for the giveaway. Comment as often as you wish (each comment must be unique). I am giving away to FOUR (4) readers EACH 4 coupons and will hold the drawing Sunday night 24rd of September after 5PM ET.

Lastly, I will only mail these to US postal address. Have fun everyone! – René


PS – Here is a bonus offer. If you follow @RenesPoints on twitter and are the winner you will get an EXTRA bonus HOOU!



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  1. I’m flying to ORD from PHX next month in coach on a Delta Amex companion ticket, with no upgrade eligibility.

  2. Flying across country the end of this month & again for thanksgiving and Christmas! I’d rather have economy aisle than comfort + middle or window!

  3. Lowly silver going for Gold by end of year. So pretty bad chance of upgrade until then (and only slightly better once Gold). This would be nice

  4. 4 is more than needed for one domestic flight. Share with a nice person next to me? Or save for the way home!

  5. Glad I followed you on FB so I can be reminded of the new content… and to keep posting for swag like this!!

  6. René, thank you for the best travel blog on the internet.

    Keeping my fingers crossed regarding the DM spend waiver.

    Today’s schedule changes were a hot mess for me but I managed to squeeze out a few more MQMs.

  7. I didn’t get to post a comment on today’s first round of HOOUs because I was slammed with Saturday schedule changes and had to clean up the mess.

  8. I think you should switch to American or United for a year and see what you can do there for points and services

  9. These two are on Renee! Great content and love your passion for helping others out in navigating the interwoven of Delta & Skymiles program

  10. i have a 110am arrival on 24 dec in boston. would love to hoou it on the way! ho ho ho. hoou hoou hoou!

  11. I am going home for Thanksgiving and going on a vacation in December so I could really use these. Especially after spending a week with the in laws!

  12. thanks for your consideration. i am hopeful. i never win. i would like to be able to double negative that and be able to say, “i never never win!”


  13. Is I the something I said, look I am a platinum and Inshould get everything they thenpoints guy gets because I am special. Hold it wait i am not I am just a passenger and until the economy tanks you guys at the airline will not appreciate us customers

  14. Only half an hour left who will win? I have to go to Poland this will not help with the but the trip to New York would be perfect!

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