Not happy with some Delta IT changes (think new home page)? Here are some workarounds!

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Sigh. Not happy with this Delta!

The above is the new Delta home page that has been for the past 3-4 weeks intermittently popping up on folks screens. Depending on what platform you are using i.e. a computer (desktop or laptop) or a tablet of some flavor or even your phone you may or may not see it. Heck, depending on the browser you are using on any of the above you may or may not see it. But I think eventually, when more of the bugs are worked out, we will all see it all the time.

OK, but I don’t like it” you may say. I can understand your feelings – at least so far. I am very under impressed. Honestly I think as it is right now works rather well and is quick and mostly efficient (just don’t get me started on the award page).

One of my biggest gripes with the new home page is there is no “quick” one click to get to the advanced booking page where I can tinker with fare class or class of service quickly as well as access to the multi-week view page. Once the above home page is default across all screens I need another way past it. So instead of what one sub contractor ridiculously suggested i.e. every time you visit Delta typing “”  I made a simple to remember bitly link that is simple for all to use:

Simple, quick, and easy, right? It takes you right to the advanced page and bypasses the new “enhanced” home page. At least Delta has not, yet, disabled this page for our booking pleasure.

Way more than 9 weeks ago now!

Another item I am still using totally old school is the Fly Delta App. I have not updated it since last December – nor will I as long as Delta 1) has the auto check-in feature that can not be disabled permanently and 2) Delta allows me to keep using the old version (that works great fyi). If you are using an Android device and turn off automatic updates you can install the old version if you would like.

Now the one world class workaround I would love to find would be a way to know when a Delta “schedule change Saturday” event tossed me out of my chosen seats or setup a connection that will not work or so on. Gosh I wish Delta would simply let Award Wallet track my flights like other airlines that are not so Delta-ish when it comes to this sweet travel service! Ah well. – René


  1. the delta app on iphone and the laptop not coming thr for me today and called the diamond line not helpful!!!

  2. What’s the problem with being checked in automatically? There’s literally no difference… You’re going to have to do it eventually, may as well start now.

  3. @live5 – If you are a frequent flyer you would say otherwise. When IROPS, SDC or SDS happen and you are working with a phone rep etc and the app is fighting them and auto-checking you in it can cost you! Not having the auto-checkin saved me more than once!

  4. Rene, I could not agree more about the automatic check in. If there are 5 options after any IROPS or other change, Delta IT will automatically pick the worst one for you.

  5. @Bill – Thank you for feedback. Again, my point of why the auto-checkin is NOT a good idea and I will avoid as long as I can.

  6. It thrilled with the new homepage I guess Delta IT. Model if it isn’t broke let break it nuts they do. Not know when to leave well enough alone

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