WARNING! Reg: AeroMexic Elite seats from Delta, ONE pilot jets? (no thanks), Delta testing “enhanced” coach meals & more travel news!

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I had such a busy weekend that I did not have time to get out a recap of the travel news from last week so let’s do that today. In fact I am so behind that you are going to see posts just about every day this week to clear some of the backlog I have been building up! But first this week’s travel headlines:

I love when readers share travel news that piqued their interest so if you have one you want me to see please comment below and include a link to the story. – René

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  1. René, the title of the article on tourism should be called: Residents who complain about the free tax revenue

    Living in Myrtle Beach, the impact of tourism is a common theme. But, the taxes here are so low compared to other areas on the country.

    Roads and schools paid for by tourists. Love it!

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