Oh Delta… Why must you HIDE everything useful and be so darn irritating and frustrating? (REG: Schedule Change Rules)

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The current ONLY way to see the “real” 1 hour Delta schedule change rules

Yesterday, like just about every Saturday of the year, I was hit with Delta schedule changes to some of my flights. But I also posted on the blog: “Delta removes link to 1 hour Schedule Change rules” because the direct link to the rule, that had been live for YEARS, was now gone. Most frustrating as there was now no simple way to prove to reps that 1 hour was enough to get whatever you want done free.

But late in the day reader E.W. pointed out in the comments section of the above post that you could still find the old 1 hour is enough wording but ONLY in the case that you have a schedule change that requires your intervention to approve – how sneaky Delta – hide what once was out in the public and open for all to see. Classic Delta. Maybe there is a way to extract a direct link out of the JAVA script that pops up the rules box when you click “Conditions Apply” but that is beyond my knowledge (any readers able to help?)!

Delta, I just do not get why you have to be so darn irritating and frustrating with so many things we would like to know. Look at this now growing list:

  • Schedule Change “is” 1 hour (not 90 minutes). You now must have an active issue to see the info that is live but otherwise hidden on Delta.com
  • Global Upgrade certs space. Delta graciously allows Diamonds to pick these upgrade from coach to Delta One business class seats certs but does not allow users to search for open space to use them – you have to call and hope or be wait-listed and then hope Delta IT (or reps) does not mess things up someway.
  • First (or C+) open seats. This is a hit and miss as the bug was never totally fixed and worse yet the problem spread to phone reps. There are few more frustrating things in my travel life than trying to change a seat and having to argue with a rep that yes the seat is in fact open and their Delta computers are lying to them.
  • Married segment logic. This is, to me, one of the most maddening changes Delta made a few years back that crushed the real value of SkyMiles being any kind of “A” US News award winning loyalty program. An example would be Atlanta to Amsterdam you find LEVEL 1 space on Delta. Amsterdam to Rome you find LEVEL 1 space on KLM. But when you search both legs, that again clearly both have the lowest award points space (per the hidden charts) you then end up with a LEVEL 3 award as it prices as two separate tickets on Delta.dumb.
  • Complicated itineraries. It never ceases to amaze me that I can search ITA matrix and find a valid routing for whatever trip I want and plug it in on say the Amex travel site and have issued a valid Delta ticket but if I try the same route on Delta.com it errors out.

Anyway, this is just the short list of a few things (did I miss any) that come to my mind when it comes to Delta either hiding, confusing or frustrating loyal flyers by not providing information we want and could really use.

But at least now we do know the 1 hour schedule change rule is still valid – we simply have no easy way of proving this to a phone or twitter rep when challenged to provide proof that this is, in fact, the rule. – René





  1. I called Delta last nite trying to get to use a GUC !! Biz to Scotland is between 3800-4500$$& but to use GUC must pay base fair of $$5700 is this crazy? Costing more than Biz class!! Also if I find a fare for 2 people it’s $4300 each if look for one seat it’s over $6000 makes no sense

  2. Great and very useful post! Clear proof that there are bad people working there who try to make life as difficult as possible for their customers.
    Everything you posted is only happening because there are bad people who have no interest in making doing business with Delta a better experience.
    I wonder if it is because they are doing it to hurt the company by making things painful for the customers, or if they get pleasure by making customers suffer needlessly.

  3. @Jacob, no I think they want us all to THINK that earning skymiles and seeking medallion status is a worthy goal, but they don’t want us to GET anything in return. A kind of “win/win”– for DL.

  4. A while ago Delta removed links to their flight fuel menu. Leisure flyers who don’t fly all kinds of routes every other week but want to know what’s available on their upcoming flights? Or what would be available if their next flight was the current month? Well, get onboard your flight and you might get to know. Looking up information about food and beverages before your flight is no longer possible.

    And there is another bug that, well, bugs me. It has nothing to do with hidden information so does not perfectly fit this blog post … but anyway. When I perform a flight search with the ‘flexible dates’ option and my browser window/tab is not wide enough to display the whole matrix at once then I don’t get the whole information. I have a horizontal scroll bar but only to scroll to an area not rendered.

    When selecting a date pair I get the same problem. Listings of flights in a table showing prices for main cabin, c+, premium select and one. Well, if some columns are outside my viewing area then I can scroll to some empty area.

    I don’t get this. I don’t have these problems with any other website I use. And these problems were introduced with the new Delta’s look&feel (which I only see when doing flight searches, home page and other pages still use the ‘old’ design).

    Sorry for my rant, but it annoys me. Like the hidden f&b information mentioned above.

  5. I find the latest web site design VERY frustrating. It opens to a page where you can only book a trip, plus a few other things I don’t care about. (And as noted above, the flexible date view does not work correctly…)
    There is apparently nothing there that allows me to go directly to the “My Delta” page, where I can see my skypesos, attainment towards status levels, etc. It’s as if they don’t want me to use my skypesos at all! Oh wait, I guess that IS the point…
    So much for “best in class” awards program! What a joke!

  6. If someone happens to ‘capture’ a SDC rule pop-up please try to capture the url address and (if you know how) the entrire page’s url (from Developer tools, or similar) and email that to Rene?

    I will do my best to find a way to hot link a direct access for readers…

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