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Who has the BEST BBQ in Austin Texas? Franklin’s? Coopers? Kreuz? Blacks? Salt Lick? Delta Frequent Flyers find out!

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Oh, I know this post is going to get some folks mad but to me Texas BBQ is just the “cat’s meow” if you will (not BBQ cat, clearly)! So much so that I deiced to have a Delta frequent flyer meat-up (see what I did there) and test out a number of the top spots. Folks flew in from all over the country (and even one American Airlines junkie). The plan was to hit as many spots as possible over a weekend.

We started on Thursday for those early arrivals at Cooper’s in downtown Austin. I had never been to this location.

I love the order by weight and choose a little or a lot of whatever protein you want.

Just a fun first night dinner to get the BBQ crawl underway. The real fun began the next day.

We rented 3 large 12 passenger vans and picked up folks all day long from the airport and airport hotels (as well as downtown) and headed off to Lockhart to my favorite spot for ribs.

I am so happy I do not live close to this amazing spot, Kreuz as my diet would be tested beyond what I can bear. Yum!

The real hard part about a BBQ crawl is just getting enough to try things at one spot because…

Just around the corner from Kruez is Black’s. What is Black’s famous for? Do you like beef ribs?

Yep – those are not tiny. I am personally not a fan of beef ribs but some in our group really seemed to enjoy them! 😉

Saturday was the obligatory visit to arguably the best BBQ in Austin. I simply love their ribs and brisket. But it comes at a price.

You see you have to get in line. Early. And then wait. A REALLY long time. How long? Like 4-5 hours to get your food.

Oh, and if you are not in line early enough then they will start selling out of some of the things they offer.

It was still fun to chat with all these great frequent flyer folks and catch up on where they have been over the past year and where they are going next. Oh, and yes the BBQ was amazing. What I do when I am in town is pickup a whole brisket (cold) to go and take it home. Simple, fast and nom nom nom! On to the next stop.

You may have seen in the news as of late about the flash flooding in Llano Texas. That is where we went to the original Coopers for our next stop and after a nice ride in the Texas foothills.

I have been to Coopers in Llano a number of times and have loved it. This time was not my favorite. I guess it happens. After this it was back to drop folks off at their hotels for the flights home on Sunday. But a few stayed behind. So what else? Yep, more BBQ!

When you think of Austin BBQ most think of Salt Lick due to the airport location. This one is out in Driftwood.

They have an all you can eat order and will bring you all you want of whatever choices of meats and sides you would like that is often the simplest choice.

To me this is my least favorite spot. The food is OK but not amazing. They let you bring your own beer / wine as they do not sell adult drinks. Oh, and they are CASH only and as a point nut this just rubs me the wrong way.

So that wraps up the 2018 MEAT-UP for RenésPoints frequent flyer enthusiasts. What do you think? Have you visited all of the above? Do you have a favorite Austin BBQ spot? You tell me! – René



  1. atxtravel

    Franklins is overrated. Go to La Barbeque on E. Cesar Chavez. As good as any of the usual “best” and pretty short lines. Their pulled pork was definitely the best I’ve had anywhere.

  2. We like Smitty’s in Lockhart better than Black’s or Kreuz. If you were going to drive that far, you’d have been better off visiting 2M Smokehouse in San Antonio.

  3. Ahh Rene I was awaiting this post !!! Now I am hungry for MEAT AGAIN!!!!
    What’s a girl to do ???? I guess head to Austin for a little run, hmm San Antonio is a pretty city might try there
    Anyway you cook it
    Rene is the best blogger !!!
    Thank you
    Ps if more meat ups plz advise

  4. I never saw a post about this meet up!
    Dammm I would have loved to come .
    Next time you Must Try Keith’s BBQ !
    It is a food truck ( school bus ) with a smoker on board !
    He is is different locations on different days so you have to check Twitter for his location the day you want to go !
    But it’s worth it !!!!!!

  5. Next time you have to try Keith’s BBQ
    It is a food truck ( school bus ) with a smoker on board !
    You have to check Twitter for his location on the day you want to go but it well worth it !!
    @keithsBBQ !!

  6. Nice!! Always keep me in mind for these trips! One of these days I will show up!

  7. Poor Old Dave

    50 people will have 50 different opinions of the “best” bbq in Texas … as someone once told me the best is what is right in front of you!

  8. Young_Tho®ough

    Ha you said “rubs!” I see what you did there.

    @Rich isn’t Scotty’s a school bus smoker food truck? I had their dino rib not far from the airport. It changed my life for the better. Wish my work travel didn’t keep me from the meat up this time.

    Looks like I’m hitting SA in 2019 from all the recommendations.

  9. Just asked a friend that lives in Austin, “are those better than in Argentina?” – he replied “no way man.”

    Say no more, mileage run to EZE next.

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