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Chicago / New York to Havana Cuba AeroMexico Business Class Sale ~$500 Round Trip!

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Wide open dates

UPDATE: Per “Travel to or from Cuba on flights operated by partner airlines is not eligible to earn miles.” Thus only the USA-MEX legs will count for points earnings! If you booked on you do have 24 hours free to cancel these tickets fyi.

What an amazing price. You can travel from from either Chicago or New York to Havana, Cuba in AeroMexico business class for just over $500 round trip (note: most of the better routes / times / flights are closer to $600). If you are willing to have long layovers (like really long) you can fly the 787 dreamliner out of JFK both ways.

Let me get some important bits out of the way. I am not suggesting this as a “tourist” visit as that is not legal from the US. In fact read the following:

One of the key things I take from the above is that the reason for your visit needs to consume more of your time than other activities. You are the one who chooses the legal reason for your visit to Cuba. Also, you will need a “Cuban tourist card that should cost you $20 (also known as a Cuban visa)” per AeroMexico web site it says in part:

“What do you need to travel to Cuba? Traveling from the U.S. to Cuba with us has never been easier! We sell the Cuban tourist card (also known as a Cuban visa) at the Cancun and Mexico City airports, at both the check-in desk and the customer service desk near the departure gates — no need to obtain this document in advance!”

With that out of the way, if you do chose to go for a valid reason, here are some of the the prices I found and dates seem to be wide open:

Now on to the frequent flyer points you would earn as a Delta flyer who would credit the AeroMexico flights to Delta and some other important bits.

This is a “Y-UP” fare from AeroMexico (<-See post for more info) that is, a coach fare that has been “upped” to a full “I” business class fare. It does not appear to be a mistake fare but a real sale. As an “I” class fare it “should” yield you full Delta points per the Delta partner earning charts that is 2x distance MQMs, SkyMiles (plus Medallion Mileage Bonus is based on Base Miles earned: Diamond + 120%; Platinum + 80%; Gold + 60%; Silver + 40% on top of that) and 40% of distance MQD spend credit (not the price of the ticket that matters: see this post)

From Chicago with a stop in Mexico City you will yield (about):

  • 6844 MQMs
  • 6844 SkyMiles plus whatever elite bonus example Diamond = additional 4106 SkyMiles
  • $1369 MQD credit (again ticket price does not matter)
  • Book direct on as shown above
  • Update: The MEX-HAV-MEX legs will NOT earn points per

From New York with a stop in Mexico City you will yield (about):

  • 8464 MQMs
  • 8464 SkyMiles plus whatever elite bonus example Diamond = additional 5079 SkyMiles
  • $1693 MQD credit (again ticket price does not matter)
  • Book direct on as shown above
  • Update: The MEX-HAV-MEX legs will NOT earn points per

I currently value a SkyMile / SkyPenny the way Delta does, that is, 1 cent each. Thus as a Diamond from Chicago you would earn back  $245 UPDATE: $110 – not bad on a ticket costing just over $500!

I have never visited Cuba and have always wanted to go so am looking forward to one of these trips (no I am not going on the 4th of July as shown above and no I am not going to post when I am going). Also know I am no expert on Cuba or Cuba travel – I am just sharing what I found regarding the flight sale from AeroMexico – Do not ask me for legal advice on these flights! – René




  1. FNT Delta Diamond

    The Cuban tourist card can cost as much as $100. Each airline sells it for a different price. You may be able to get it (it’s basically a visa) from the embassy for cheaper if you have the time.

  2. rene

    @FNT – As shown above, you can buy in MEX airport and the cost is about $20.

  3. Even with the MQM disappointment, if someone has a jonesing to visit Cuba, this is still a great option.

  4. Does it not earn miles, or MQMs, or both? Delta’s statement seems a bit ambiguous.

  5. rene

    @Bear – No points at all for segment between Cuba and Mexico.

  6. The best places to stay are casa particulars, Cuban homes or apartments. Internet connectivity may be a problem though. You probably already know that and that US credit cards don’t work in Cuba. So unless there is some other work around, Americans must convert cash to Cuban currency and there is a 10% penalty on converting dollars. Change dollars to euros or some other currency before leaving the US. I flew Delta to Havana in 2016. It was then and probably still is an easy free upgrade. You will have a good time in Cuba. People are very friendly.

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