LIMA, PERU: Panoramic view of San Martin square.
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If you’re in (or can get to) the New York area on December 6, I found an MQD run on AeroMexico that may interest you.

It’s a business class “I” fare bookable directly on and costs $1476. The trip leaves at 5:00 PM Friday night, December 6, connects in Mexico City (where you might visit the MEX Centurion Lounge) and arrives in Lima at 6:45 AM on Saturday morning. You have a few hours to see sights in Lima before your 4:45 PM return flight. Connect through Mexico City again and arrive JFK at 5:35 AM Sunday.


The unofficial miles calculator tells us this route yields 9444 miles.

Based on that, you’ll earn:

  • $3777 MQD
  • 14,166 MQM (@ 10.4 CPM)
  • 18,888 Base SkyMiles (plus medallion bonus – Diamond + 120%; Platinum + 80%; Gold + 60%; Silver + 40%)

There are a few other dates that work with overnight stays, as well. And a few days are almost $20 cheaper; the reason I posted this specific run was for those who need weekend runs and can sneak away from work on a Friday afternoon. If you can take more time off Friday, you can depart sooner and enjoy a 787 Dreamliner one leg of the trip (René reviewed the 787-8 and 787-9 on the blog).

“I” business fare but fare code with “Q”!

There have been, in the past, some issues with getting correct credit with “Y-UP” fares from AeroMexico. All data points suggest this problem has been fixed but be sure to save all your boarding passes and follow these steps to make sure you get correct credit!

Most Aeromexico runs go through Mexico City — so if you don’t yet have a Platinum Card from American Express (learn how to apply) or Business Platinum Card from American Express (learn how to apply) to get you into the Centurion Lounge, now would be a great time to consider applying.

Consider our friend Adam for help constructing a personalized mileage run that suits your needs and convenience!

— Chris



  1. I looked up for Dec 6 weekend run using delta one, the cost is $2675 and MQD’s for Diamond Medalian MQD’s are $2551.

    Then I tried booking this $1476 fare on Airmexico and called the diamond desk to check on MQD’s for this reservation, and the best they can do is around $ 1251

    I am not sure how can you get more than double MQD’s for Diamond members for a lower priced fare without reserving on

  2. @Alex J: Sorry, Alex, I misread your comment.

    Delta awards MQDs on partner marketed flights based on fare class and actual miles flown.

    For example, if you fly Aeromexico “J” class and credit the trip to your SkyMiles number, your MQD earnings will be 40% of however many miles you fly. So if your trip is slated for 10,000 miles, you’ll earn 4000 MQD.

    Earn partner’s respective fare classes and percentages can be found here.

    How many actual miles are you flying on your AM trip?

  3. Chris, I just tried to price this on and for December 6-7 it is pricing at $4,000+. any insight on what I am doing wrong?

  4. @Ben L: Book it in “Comfort.” Thanks for the note. I’ll make that clearer in future posts!

  5. Just tried booking directly on Aeromexico site and Premier prices are $2500 now.

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