Why I Can Not Wait to Get on an NCL Norwegian Cruise Ship: the Safest Vacation We All Can Take During COVID!

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I can not WAIT to get onboard an NCL Norwegian cruise ship! Once onboard it will be the safest vacation anyone can take during COVID-19.



Rene's Points owner Chris Carley displays his COVID-19 vaccination card.
Chris showing off his CDC card!

There will be no idiot anti-vaxers onboard — or those who are so foolish to risk others’ lives by refusing to get a “JAB” of one of the approved vaccines! No, everyone I come in contact with onboard will be unlikely to get COVID-19 (nor am I likely to get it from them).

Can you even imagine?

Oh, on top of that, due to the fact that cruise lines have been punished like no other industry on the planet, the rest of the safety protocols will be more stringent
than flying any airline, staying in hotels, taking a Lyft or Uber, or just about any other part of the travel world you can come up with.

Cruising will be like a return to semi – normality!

With everyone onboard highly unlikely to spread or catch the virus, I can enjoy time in the sun without a mask and risk of getting sick. Same when it comes to dinner in any of the amazing specialty restaurants onboard like Moderno the Brazilian steakhouse or Le Bistro the French-inspired restaurant or Teppanyaki the Japanese experience or Cagney’s the stunning steakhouse – all I can enjoy like it was pre-COVID!

I can enjoy a show!

Can you even imagine going to a Broadway show in NYC? No? I get why. Even if you do it will be limited attendance. On my next NCL cruise, everyone will be vaccinated so sitting next to someone will not be an issue. Nor will the actors singing out loud be an issue as all the “talent” will also have to be vaccinated to be onboard.

I love this!

I am not the only one who gets this FACT!

Frequent floater, and a former commercial airline pilot, Marshall Jackson told me he is looking forward to his next cruise this summer. “I suppose the safest thing to do would be to stay home, but with science-based onboard protocols and all passengers and crew vaccinated, what vacation could be better?” – MJ on Travel!

If you look at the premium cabins on most of the bookable NCL cruises during July and onward you will see almost every single suite and Haven room is SOLD OUT! Yep – those who have money (or are wise to use points to book cheap) are booking ALL of the best NCL has to offer (I already have 3 cruises booked and paid for – so far). And it is not just the suites as all reports are that bookings for any NCL ship are off the charts from any other time in the company’s history. In other words, I am not the only who understands that fully vaccinated cruising is a safe and fun way to get back to vacationing.

My biggest risk is getting to the ship!


When you think about it the biggest risk for me, and my fellow cruisers, will be getting to or off the ship “bubble” where everyone is just about a non-risk for making me sick. Thankfully, I am one of those who simply love being onboard and have been on cruises where I almost never get off this ship at all! After all, you are on an all-inclusive resort and days at port you get the ship practically to yourself – why get off at all?

I really wish the airlines – all of them – would require everyone onboard also to be fully vaccinated. Same goes for staying at a hotel (including the staff) as well as all UBER drivers (and passengers). It is time to make travel safe again.

Bottom line is I can not wait to get back onboard an NCL ship and am counting the days until I can book anything this summer, in addition the the 3 I have already booked later this year and next, when it is confirmed NCL will resume sailing! – René


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Disclaimer: I am LONG NCLH stock for the onboard credit shareholder perk every time I cruise with Norwegian Cruise Lines!

Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Kelly Loeffler Reply

    You do realize that there are fake vaccination certificates and cards that people can easily purchase, right?

    • @Kelly – I have a feeling you will need more than just the card to get onboard (example – I have my insurance showing they paid for the cost to administer my JABs). Not just that, but faking a cert is crime. All it will take is a few folks locked up in jail to teach such ones that fake certs is REALLY not a good idea. I can promise you if I learn of anyone with a fake cert I will report them.

      • Kelly Loeffler Reply

        The only technical crime would be if you use the exact government logo on any vaccination card. None of the ones available (at least ones available by anyone with common sense) are using the exact logos… tiny little differences would invalidate that crime. Not to mention, they can be easily crumpled, folded, etc. To make any small imperfections next to impossible to detect… like with the new Hawaii rule where people will be scanning them in and uploading them…. how many times have you had less than perfect scans, but where everything is still legible. Couple that with employees that halfway look at them and you’re looking at a bonanza.

        • @Kelly (or Lopez or Lori or the many other names you have used on the blog) – Looking forward to those on TV who get busted for trying what you suggest and results when they go to jail.

  2. NCL cancelled our two October cruises and those cruises next year are 50% more in cost. I do not have to be the first person back on the ship. Not particularly happy with NCL when they only give me 10% back for them cancelling 2 cruises. If someone had one cancelled they got 10% off. NCL got to sit on a passle of my money for a long time to just cancel. And, I am not flying to some island to hop on one of these ships.

    • @John – I agree with you that NCL should have given folks the choice for refund or rebook same ship another time.

  3. I recently got the vaccine because I’m traveling this summer too and its a requirement to enter most countries now. However, I also understand why many, unlike you, don’t belief the current covid narrative and/or place a higher value on personal choice.

    • @DDiamond – Thankfully, for now, “personal choice” people will NOT be on NCL ships. I am happy you got the JAB for both your safety and those of others around you.

  4. I read yesterday that the Florida governor is suing the Federal government to reopen the cruse industry. Do the NCL cruises that you can book today require travel to somewhere outside the US to begin a cruise?

    Also, some states like Florida and Texas have banned vaccine passports. How would that work in Florida? How can an NCL cruise depart from a port in Florida if Florida bans vaccine passports?

    • @Dave – As of today you can not get on any ship from a US port (other than Pride of America that only sails Hawaii). The first few sailings will be from outside the US i.e. Jamaica and Dominican Republic ports. As for the vaccine passports – that has zero impact (if you look at the wording of the “ban”). Beyond that, if/when US ports open up to NCL, you will still have to prove you are fully vaccinated and that is not a “passport”.

  5. I agree with most of your thoughts and also can’t wait. But I assume that kids under 16 will be allowed to board even though they cannot yet get vaccinated. Based on the current science, we’ll take our chances and our grandkids. Please LMK if you’ve heard that NCL cruises will be adults-only at first. — Glen

  6. In theory, it sounds OK to go on a cruise where everyone is vaccinated.

    However, seeing how people behave (read: selfishly and willing to lie), I wonder what is the chances that you’re going to have people fake their vaccination information?

    Without a trusted system (which is ironic given how much scrutiny is given to people registering to vote), and a push not to allow for a vaccine passport by certain entities, how does one believe the passengers are truly vaccinated?

    • @Too Many – See my other comment above. You are risking jail time if you fake vaccination info!

      • So the FL governer declared requiring a vaccine passport illegal to go on cruises. I cannot understand why they are so against it. An official document that indicates you are vaccinated, vetted by the government. Allowing the person to participate in activities considered high risk of transmission. Yet the state of FL doesn’t believe that is important.

        They contradict the principles of their political party… law and order: documentation to prove who you are – except nope don’t want that for proving you’re vaccinated. Businesses should be allowed to open and operate as they wish; except in the case where vaccination is a requiremen, then no don’t want that to be a requirement.

        They just appear to want everyone to be on the same footing, vaccinated or not. How does that help contain and reduce the spread of coronavirus?

  7. Could you please point me to the data that shows where any of the vaccines are approved and don’t just have EUA.

    Thank you

    • @Mike – Thanks for your 1st ever comment on the blog.

      Let me ask you a question…

      Let’s say you are dying and the doctor tells you there is a treatment that can not only save your life but also those around you but it only has EUA approval not full FDA approval but hundreds of MILLIONS of folks have had the treatment without any real issues. You would rather die waiting for full approval?

      BTW, now that 6 month data is in (and proven safe and effective), full approval is on the way soon so you can feel good about taking the vaccine!

  8. TOP 10 Cleanest Cruise Lines:
    1 Celebrity
    2 Disney
    3 Seabourn
    4 Princess
    5 Azamara
    6 Holland America
    7 Royal Caribbean
    8 P&O
    10 Crystal

    Safe travels everyone

    • @DDiamond – Thanks for the out of date (or made up) list since almost no cruise line has been sailing for over one year. All the lines are putting amazing protocols in place for clean and safe sailing. The real facts can be found on the CDC web site. Here is the link:

  9. Is there any proof that those vaccinated won’t get infected and can’t infect others ? CDC says this for Canada travel.
    Because of the current situation in Canada even fully vaccinated travelers may be at risk for getting and spreading COVID-19 variants and should avoid all travel to Canada.
    I assume these cruises would dock at some island and not just a cruise to nowhere

      • Okay, I usually don’t refer to these thinks due to the nature of conflicting information, sometimes in the same page. But since you posted this, 3 things from this page
        1. No data is available on how long the effect of vaccine will last, so most likely by the time one can get on a cruise there’s good possibility that immunity could be less than now even with vaccination. Maybe a booster shot is needed
        2. No data available on effect against variants. So could be sick even after vaccination
        3. WHO recommends social distance, masking, hand wash etc even after vaccination, so no going back to pre pandemic world if u follow their advice

        Again, these are all from the link you posted. We have always tuned ourselves to hear only what we want to hear. The truth is no one knows about what the future looks like, things change based on what we have known so far. Booking a vacation in the future is fine, I have done myself too, but expecting things to go back to normal will only bring disappointment

        Enjoy your vacation but do it responsibly, not just by the fact that a ship full of vaccinated people is the safest place on the planet !

        • @SR – The safest place on the planet is at home alone. The safest vacation will be on a cruise ship with everyone vaccinated! 🙂

  10. Hey Rene, What months did you book. I booked March 2022 on Carnival Panorama. I was hoping to see Amex Offers for NCL soon and book the Bliss.

    • Hi Liz – My 2022 booking is late in the year. I too would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see some Amex Offer to You back on NCL. I used a bunch of them last round last year.

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