An update on my wife’s 5/24 rule brick wall with Chase – an approval (just not 1st choice).

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gosh i hate the chase 5-24 rule

Gosh I hate this rule!

Just a quick update and a data point for my wife’s latest round of travel cards. In case you missed it you can check the previous post for the cards she was approved for. What she was firmly turned down for was the Chase Sapphire, despite the fact that it had been years since she got the card, due to the 5/24 rule that currently is in effect for most Chase branded cards.

80k marriott chase card

So, once we called and got the firm no we had the runner up choice the Marriott HOTEL card that can yield (with an AU added and 1 charge) with minimum spend 90k points. That is a VERY nice deal as well. Would that one be approved the same day right after a firm NO for the Sapphire card?


We did not call in right away but now know the answer for that co-branded card was approved (even though not instant). This is good news as I and many others feel the time remaining to apply for co-branded offers from Chase, both personal and business, are near an end as the 5/24 rule will soon apply to them as well.

70k ihg card

70K HOTEL card we BOTH hold

Anyway, just wanted to share an interesting data point. Also interesting was in my original post one reader said they had success calling in and getting reconsidered for the Chase Sapphire even though they had applied for a large number of cards over the past 24 months. I guess I like instant approvals and will over the next two years “test the waters” if you will when great offers pop up that make it worthwhile to fight a bit with Chase! – René



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  1. That’s great an all, but it seems to be encouraging people to submit apps that will likely get rejected and therefore negatively impact their credit score with no contrasting benefit to their card portfolio.

  2. @Marshall – The one who dies with an 850 credit score gets no extra perks over one who dies with a 775. I use my credit score and if you follow what I suggest in the ROOKIES tab you will see the impact to the credit score will be a NET positive one, not a negative one. My wife and I have YEARS of proof that this works and our scores are MUCH higher than those who only hold a few or 1 travel card! BTW the point of the post is to show even after rejection for the one card, the same day approval was given for the co-branded card. 🙂

  3. Rene,
    I do read your blog and enjoy it very much. I’m simply referring what I’m seeing across a lot of blogs, which is further encouragement to keep applying for Chase cards even when it’s likely the applicant will get denied due to the 5/24 rule. I do recognize that you’re simply providing a data point that is positive, however, and therefore beneficial to anyone who’s curious to “test the waters” and risk a denial which would negatively impact their score.

    Thanks for all you do!

  4. @Marshall – Thanks. Again, this is why I test and retest to yield data points for others to consider before they choose what cards to go for.

  5. Tried reconsideration line for recent Sapphire/Freedom denials.

    Wheedled, said I had been seduced by American Express, had a Sapphire really wanted to come back…. please take me back baby I’ll do ANyTHIng!

    NOOOPE! 6 pulls in 24 months, denied!

  6. Rene
    Glad you got the Chase Marriott Visa and related points. Now maybe you’ll come over to the dark side and start posting some MR pointers vs SPG 🙂

  7. I got turned down for the Freedom, as I have picked up a dozen new CC over the past year. It did not matter that I had one of their cards for 25 years, or my checking account was with them for 30 years. It did not matter that our credit scores were >800, or that we paid our bills each month on time. I only have 3 Chase cobranded cards. Reconsideration did not help.

  8. Same here! Excellent credit score, no debits or loans, car paid off, make over six figures per year, never not paid a credit card bill or any bill on time and still got denied because of the 5/24 rule! When I asked when could I apply again the very rude representative said it was up to me. Really?? Do I want to hurt my credit score by being denied again and again?? It’s stupid at best and no one should ever even consider a credit card that has such a stupid rule like that and couldn’t care less about their customers! When I say their customers I mean that because I have the Chase United and the Chase Hyatt for many years of paying my bills in time and this is irrelevant for them too! Bunch of idiots! We should make them beg for our business in the future when no one apply for their stupid credit cards anymore!

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