Today’s Delta Schedule Change Saturday Tossed me into a C+ Middle Seat (I hate this)!

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schedule change Saturday mainline today

THIS is where you put me Delta? Really?

Yep folks, today we get the joy of BOTH regional and mainline (fake Delta & real Delta) schedule changes. If you need to catch up on what this means take a look at these posts:

Now that you are up to speed, take a look at the photo on top of this post. I was on a mainline 717-200 from ATL to ORD and now Delta has changed it to an MD-88. Not a big deal other than the fact that I got tossed into a MIDDLE SEAT in C+ even though the cabin is all but empty.

my flight preferances in delta-com

Notice the NEW box for C+ upgrades?

Now before you even ask, I have in MY DELTA in MY PREFERENCES set to request 1st class upgrades by default and DO NOT have the request C+ upgrades by default. I have also selected aisle as my default seat setting.

In this reservation I have chosen the C+ seat so I am not saying Delta overrode my request and forced me into C+ but they did ignore my seat preference of aisle (I know, the wording says they CAN and do toss you into middle seat but the cabin is almost empty for crying out loud).

Bottom line is at least once a week, late on Saturday or sometime on Sundays, you had better quickly check all your flights to see if you all of a sudden find yourself sitting where you do not want to be! – René

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  1. Delta “upgraded” me to a middle c+ seat from a exit aisle !!! Delta’s webpage would not let me change back ?? I had to call and was on hold for 1 hour 24 minutes to change my seat back….. I looked at the row when I got on the plane and there were 2 very large individuals in that row and I would have been inbetween them ….. The poor “upgraded” silver elite sitting there

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