Be Alert: Some very strange things are going on at Delta & SkyMiles!

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delta air lines schedule change notice

PLEASE check all your flights today!

First things first. Like just about every Saturday this past weekend (if you did not check) some really strange Schedule Change Saturday changes have hit a number of our flights. You can check these old posts for help if you are new to this:

I had an international one that only had a regional jet impacted but I was smart enough NOT to click anything on Delta.dumb and called. Even the Delta Diamond rep had issues and had to get a supervisor on the line. Had I just clicked on stuff I expect very bad things would have happened to me. Please take the time to read the linked posts above.

strange delta award search results

This is NOT a good sign folks. Be very afraid!

There are a bunch of other weird things going on in the land of Delta IT and we should always be in fear when REV MGT tells them to start making changes. I fear we are soon in for some massive negative changes when it comes to SkyMiles but I hope I am wrong and the recent brutal 12% business class unannounced changes are enough for a while (but do not count on that). The SkyMiles team are only happy and earning their keep when they are cutting and decimating the value of our points so stand by for the other shoe to drop soon. Reader Michael emailed me the above strange search result but when you click through it defaults to the standard hidden award charts. Be very afraid folks!

What else is making my head hurt this Monday? If you have not noticed Global Upgrade space is really thin right now. Now wait, that is not new all GU space is always thin! 😉

Seriously though there are other issues. Readers are almost daily e-mailing me when should we expect the +1 elite perks to kick in. I know only what Delta has published at this point and that is Fall. You may say we are almost “in” fall and I agree. Considering that right now a Comfort Plus upgrade could result in you NOT getting a 1st class upgrade I think Delta has larger IT issues to fix than adding a new perk. Maybe, like pre-ordering 1st class meals, it will happen before the end of the year.

Any other strange out of the ordinary results impacting you on the ground, in the air or on the Delta web? Please share with us all! – René

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  1. Maybe the evil REV MGT folk were behind the Delta Disaster this summer. Perhaps Delta owns the food and water concessions at all those airports where their passengers were stranded for days and Delta was just fishing for money out of stranded passenger pockets. Don’t laugh, stranger things have happened this year – like Wells Fargo bankers opening hundreds of thousands of fraudulent accounts.

  2. @AlohaDaveKennedy – The Wells Fargo thing just is crazy. I am still stunned it happened. As for the Delta thing, I think just arrogance and bad IT was the main issue. 😉

  3. I was on the phone with a Delta rep yesterday due to some schedule changes and he said they were trying to hit a Sept. 19 date for the +1 elite perks to hit.

  4. Maybe a little sunshine in this IT glitch. I scored a U.S West Coast to London roundtrip for 30K each way and was expecting a much higher cost.

  5. Just fixed my return LAS back to BNA with a phone rep.

    No hassles about seats, times, miles, etc.

    But the assigned aircraft LAS-LAX is “Eurocopter EC155”. Let’s hope!!!

  6. Ahhh, the Plus One benefit…

    Cmon people, who really buys this? Just got off of a SFO-ATL flight where I sat in 35D with no upgrades to C+ or F available three days before we left. The FCM taking place right now is making this Plus One benefit nothing more than a paper tiger.

  7. Maybe that explains why it took me 45 minutes to try to change a seat selection yesterday. No, don’t go getting mad at me for saying my time and not calling. I was parked in front of my television watching football and I reached the point where I just wanted to see exactly how long it would take. I’m sorry I didn’t count the number of timed out error messages I got because, as you can imagine, I got a lot of those in 45 minutes. I logged onto my account very easily but then I couldn’t even pull up my trips. I finally got it to get as far as the trip I was trying to look at but then every time I clicked on the flight I got another error message and had to begin all over again. I remember having the thought, “Rene has been telling us that delta IT stinks and I wonder if he’d be curious about the difficulty I am having.” So, I kept at it because I wanted to see just how long it would take. About 48 minutes to be exact. Crazy!

  8. Regarding not getting upgraded to first class from C+, fortunately that hasn’t happened to me. I had a vacation trip to Colombia at the end of Aug to Labor Day long weekend. JFK/BOG (last seasonal flight and equipment swap from B757 with first class seats to B757 with D1!) and MDE/ATL (B733)–I got C+ right after booking the flights back over July 4th long weekend. 5 days before Bogota departure I was confirmed to D1 upgrade. Then 1 day before ATL departure from Medellin, I was confirmed to first class upgrade. Both from C+.

    Same with a work trip from NYC to Pittsburgh. No problem getting from C+ to first class even after some issues with the PIT/LGA return flight (delay, rebooking, cancelation, delay, rebooking–still got first class on the CRJ at the gate as PM)

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