THE CLUB at PHX Lounge review Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Terminal 4 – B Concourse

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I am a big fan of “THE CLUB” network of lounges. As I blogged about last week they have big plans to expand. This club in Phoenix had big plans to expand and remodel but the airport told them NO and they must wait till 2018! That seems crazy to me but they are at least going to replace the chairs and more this year and it is really needed (and they know it). They also desperately need to add power ports as part of the expansion and remodel (and they plan to)!


Having said that, if you are a Delta flyer, you must depart security (likely at terminal 2) and take the tram to terminal 4 then look for gate B22.


Across from that gate you will see the stairs and elevators up to the lounge. Also do keep in mind, until they do have a chance to expand, you can only get in until 3:30pm with your Priority Pass card that is included with cards like:

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Now if you do get in before 3:30PM you can stay past that time when the club, again for now, becomes a British Air only club.


This is not a very big lounge and the restrooms are located outside the club. However, being on the upper floor, very few others use them so not a big issue.



Just past the entrance you have a selection of newspapers as well as a coffee and tea station. Not as fancy as some clubs but at least provided.


This main area is the one big room and the bulk of the club. I was told when the BA flights are going out this lounge can get quite crowded.



The bar is reasonably well stocked and there is no charge (beyond the entrance fee if you are paying) to enjoy drinks. They do limit you to 3 per hour FYI.


As mentioned everything in this club is a bit worn down and needs replacing. Again, they know it and the broken old printer sums up much (many of the chairs are very sad btw).


Left of entrance is the other smaller room that finishes the rest of the club. I would avoid this side if you can as folks are constantly coming and going to get food.



As far as food goes, in late afternoon they have what they call their dinner service. I have to say, while modest, it was all very good. Not lavish but more than you will see in many Sky Clubs.



The one good thing the club has going for it is a nice view of the airport as well as the surrounding area.

The final downside, as a Delta flyers, is when you do depart you must again take the tram and again enter security. In our case, late in the day, TSA Pre Check was closed and thus it took even longer. Keep all of this in mind if you decide to check out this club! Also, they do offer a $6 discount if you are paying to get in and are an AAA member.

Have you been to this lounge? Did you enjoy your visit? – René


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  1. pet peeve : airports that have different security checkpoints for different terminals a la boston, orlando, dca…and yes, phoenix.

    what’s up with that?

  2. Rene: Delta uses terminal 3 at Phoenix Sky Harbor, not 2. Also I had a conversation with a Delta red coat re: re-opening Sky club in PHX. She stated that Delta required a passenger load of 10,000 passengers per day to get a Sky Club. Phx was averaging about 5,000/day. It’s going to be a while before Phx sees a Sky Club.

  3. @Mary R – Ah thanks on both points. Either way it is the tram and security in/out to get to the club from the Delta concourse.

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