The Wings Lounge Review Manila MNL Airport – Massage, showers & more available 24 hours a day.

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On this run I was only spending less than 12 hours in Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport so I did not see any real need to get a hotel. However, a shower and a nap sounded nice before the turn back home so I decided to give the Wings Lounge a try.

The lounge is on the non-secure side of the airport so you do have to enter the Philippines, that is, clear customs and then go upstairs to the lounge.

Unless you have Dragon Pass you are not going to get in free to this lounge, but then again the free perks in the lounge are not worth a visit anyway as you will see.

Just across from the check-in desk are a few tables to sit and have a drink or enjoy the meager snacks provided.

Behind check-in is the only air conditioned room at the lounge. It is also the area where luggage is held and folks do sleep overnight in these chairs (the lounge is open 24 hours).

The food service area is disappointing to put it mildly. You will want to go outside the club to the food court area on this level of the airport for just about anything.

There are two computers provided for you to use free and you can print boarding passes as well. Wifi is also complimentary.

There are showers available in the lavatories with a public area to disrobe. The shower itself, once you close the door, is large enough if you wish for more privacy.

Lounge access, including showers etc., was included for the room I booked. Their hours are a bit strange and in blocks of 7 hour time and some may not like this. They will bill you for additional hours should you need them at a discounted hourly rate (if you wish to check in early and the room is available). You do prepay the block of time via Paypal and it will in PHP so be sure to use a card that does not charge you an international fee.

I booked a large room for myself for about $36. It was clean and fine but there are issues. As mentioned there is no air conditioning so the rooms are hot. You have a fan but it does not help much. Also, being 5’11” I had to sleep on my side to not hit the wall with my feet. If you are taller than me this will not be a comfortable sleeping area. Also, if you tend to toss and turn, banging your feet on the metal ladder is a real treat and will wake you up!

Now what did appeal to me was getting a massage when I arrived off my flight. And the cost could not be better at just $14 per hour – so I booked 2 hours. The therapist was available at our late 8PM-ish arrival but they are not guaranteed. I did email and request a therapist but was told they would do what they could.

This was the best part of the visit to the lounge and considering how hot my room was and how little sleep I got I should have asked the rep for another 2 hours after a shower and a short nap. Plus, even if I fell asleep during the massage, it would have been preferable to my hot little room. Lesson learned. I really wish they would allow advanced booking on their site or via e-mail.

Overall this is an option if you have to stay overnight at the airport but if you really want to sleep I would consider the hotels across from the airport instead. If you want a cheap massage and a shower then consider The Wings lounge as an option. – René





  1. I assume this is in Terminal 3?
    Is there a web-page that you obtained the screen shot from (above)?

  2. Can you describe the massage a bit more? How was the pressure? Experience of the masseuse? Was it just a “feel good” massage or did she really dig in there to work out all the knots?

  3. @Mitch – I get monthly deep tissue massages. The therapist was outstanding. A real pro and as mentioned in post and wish I had requested 2 hours more.

  4. I spend half the year in Manila here is my advice.

    $14 per hour for a massage in Manila is actually expensive!! Should cost around $6 to $8 a hour. Get a hotel room and do not stay in the airport. Can get a OK room near airport for around $50 to $60. Also there is now a walk way over to Resort World from Terminal 3 where the Remmington Hotel is OK hotel with good prices.

    Also to not use the basic taxis from the airport. Use what is called a coupon taxi. There are set prices for the coupon taxi and there is a big chart with all the locations in Manila and set prices. The agent who helps you get the coupon taxi will tell you the price based on your location and also tell the coupon taxi driver the price.

  5. @Mike – So I guess my $20 tip for the 2 hours was too much? 😉 The therapist was so good, as mentioned, I should have booked 2 more hours and for $14 per hour well worth it!

  6. The reality of the experience for those of us who did not get the massage was less than glamorous as the brochures depict.

    For those expecting very sanitary conditions as in the US there will be a disappointment. I found it necessary to wear my shoes in the restroom-shower area as the toilets had overflowed at some time and there was unsanitary liquid all over the floor. Although there were sandals included with the room I did not trust that there would be a lack of contagion. I decided not to shower and waited until the next airport club with a shower.

    I will say that the staff occasionally made an effort to clean the restroom – shower area but mopping the entire area with the same mop and not rinsing it just spreads any germs to all surfaces.

    Having travelled in many areas that are not as “developed” as the USA over the years the experience did not surprise me as many areas are much worse. This comment was to help prepare someone who was not aware.

  7. I didn’t pre book, but a room was available when I arrived. We may have had different room types. As I recall the room was comfortable. I’m 6’2″ and had no problem sleeping. Also, I recall having a/c, or maybe the fan was enough to keep things cool. The amenities were decent I thought for a cheap room including toothbrush and toothpaste, slippers (shown in your photo) and I believe shaving accessories in the shower. I had a 90 minute massage and agree it was the best part of the stay. For an 8 or 10 hour layover, this lounge was a good choice. It saves the hassle of leaving the airport, checking in and out of a hotel and returning. The lounge might be a little hard to find, but the Delta staff solved that by taking us there.

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