Delta Comfort Plus seats will be GONE on all wide-body jets by 2021! (…and I am thrilled – you?)

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Bye bye Comfort Plus!

This is going really upset a lot of international flyers but I am not one of them. Just to bring you up to speed on what we are talking about, Delta has a seat that has a little extra legroom and up to 2″ of additional recline called Comfort Plus (C+). C+ seats are the exact same seat size as the rest of coach and I am no fan of these seats. But they come with a big perk, that is, Diamonds and Platinums at booking can get these free and other elites days before flight if available.

Nice leg room!

Thus the news that was announced today at the $DAL Q2 investors call means a downgrade of free upgrades for elites – and yet I am thrilled with this news! Why?

THIS is a real upgrade (but not free)!

The expansion of Premium Select (PS) seats to ALL of Delta’s widebody jets mean many more chances for OP-UP opportunities or operation upgrades to PS when the main cabin coach oversells (and this happens a lot). When coach does oversell, before Delta offers bump vouchers, they start with Diamonds and work their way down the list, and offer free upgrades to either PS or DeltaOne (D1). Either of these two is a massive improvement over either a regular coach seat or a C+ seat. While not guaranteed, this is yet one more reason for frequent international flyers to shoot for top status with Delta for these chances for upgrades.

How to get some value from SkyMiles

The next reason I am happy that C+ is going away is the chance to use my dwindling in value SkyMiles for a much better seat. Right now, using the hidden Delta award charts, you are looking at 128,000 SkyMiles for a round trip ticket to Europe. When Delta runs their monthly “flash sales” I expect we will be able to get these seats for about 100k round trip. For a daytime flight from Europe PS seats are perfectly AOK to me and a real value.

Just to be clear, Delta has not publicly stated all of C+ is going away but there is none on the A350 nor on the newly redone 777s so there is no reason to expect that modifications to the other wide-body jets will be any different.

What do you think? Are you happy or sad to see C+ going away internationally over the next few years? – René


  1. These seats are a joke, and not worth 10 cents more than the regular seats. (I never put in for an upgrade to these, because I’d hate to end up in a window or middle when I had an aisle)

  2. I am sad about this! C+ was an option for my Transatlantic Travels – more legroom and in front of the plane. This 100€ was a good value. The changes bring me back to Eco, because my company doesn’t pay the phantasy prices for Business/ Delta One…

  3. Agree with Hagen – NOT happy. I really like the extra leg room they provided. When you are tall you appreciate any extra!! Company will pay for C+ or economy but doubt I’d ever get the PS at those prices either. Back to economy it seems.

  4. and how’s that useful for anyone who isn’t Diamond ? the whole point of E+ / MCE / C+ was for folks who only value extra legroom but don’t need the extra costs and bells/whistles associated with a true PE product.

    and the massive shrinkage of D1 cabins will make even cert-supported upgrades close to impossible, so this is just another way of getting far less for one’s loyalty.

    i always laugh at hyperbole on how DL loyalists love to claim both sides of the coin – that DL has tiny D1 cabins because they “only want cash tickets not upgrades or award seats”, then simultaneously assert some ridiculous notion that they’re close to 100% upgrade success rate.

  5. That Delta stopped letting mid-tiers select these seats (which *are* better) at time of booking is the reason I’m now a United mid-tier (platinum). So the change doesn’t matter to me … but far from being “thrilled,” I’m just sorry about this for those of you still doing Delta.

    (I’ll admit that United will probably “monkey-see” soon.)

  6. Have taken 6 flights to Asia from YYZ so far this year, with 4 more to go. The extra legroom with the free comfort+ seats have been really appreciated over the years.

    When the Olympics were happening in Feb, I did get upgraded once to Premium select from ICN to DTW. However, I’d take consistent comfort+ on all my Asia flights over the occasional upgrade.

    Have not been a fan of the A350s in coach. It doesn’t feel like the planes are holding up to normal wear and tear.

  7. I never sat in a C+ internationally. So I have no opinion. But it seems to me that to buy coach and “hope” for an upgrade is foolish. On my long haul flights I want the upgrade to be guaranteed from the time of booking (miles, dollars, or GUC). I would never play Russian Roulette on the long haul flight.

  8. I agree with you that many will be unhappy to see extra-legroom seats disappear from the economy section of aircraft used for long-haul international routes, and I’m one of those unhappy souls.

  9. I agree with you that C+ on domestic is just another coach seat & not an upgrade. On international flights the small extra legroom & recline help on longer flights. As a DM I will miss that perk, though I’m not sure it is worth what Delta charges those who must pay.

  10. There may not be many op up chances because delta is introducing upgrade with miles on any fare by the end of the year. People, including elites, will use miles (at some horrible rate no doubt) to get to PS. That will eliminate many oversold situations. Or at least elites wanting to avoid long-haul economy pain will have to gamble about using miles or hoping for an op up. Delta never misses a chance to suck more blood.

  11. I fly internationally (mostly trans Atlantic) almost exclusively. I do about 20 round trips on Delta widebodies a year. My company does not pay for business class. I am 6’2”, so the c+ leg room is pretty critical. This is a big bummer for me. Also, I don’t know where Rene is getting this “you’ll have a chance to get bumped up front” enthusiasms. Out of probably 150 long hauls over the last few years, that has happened to me exactly one time. Not a great hit rate or silver lining even if that rate tripled because there are less eco seats.

  12. @Loeclint – Keep in mind all the new PS seats that will also be open for OP UP with the new seat configurations.

  13. Why dont companies pay for biz classe for their employees?? Most folks slave away their best by years getting the owners scraps. If would be a fine gesture of respect for global flights to be biz classe at least. Thank you

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