The NEW Dallas DFW American Express Centurion Lounge 2018 Review

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Let’s get the basics out of the way. To get into this club you need to have one of the two cards below:

The Platinum Card® from American Express <—LINK

The Business Platinum Card® from American Express OPEN <—LINK

That or a Centurion card. There are a number of flavors of the above (co-branded with Schwab etc.) and all of them will work just fine for you and two guests. With one tiny catch.

Please GO AWAY card members! 🙁

This, unlike the now closed old DFW Centurion club, is now a departures only lounge. Not only that, if they reach capacity, you may not enter even under the current rule max 3 hours before your scheduled departure. The latter matters as if you are delayed you may stay longer than the 3 hour limit. The new lounge is located in terminal D, post security, near gate 12.

What has returned from the old club is the ability to use lockers just behind the check-in desk. Very nice but do not forget your bags please.

The club is basically a long box and just to your right as you enter the short part of the club.

The four lounge chairs have made their way over from the old club, along with most of the other furniture. What has not moved over is the view. You are stuck enjoying a view of the departures hall and the road outside. More on that later.

They do have 3 shower rooms but I do not really see the point of these when the lounge no longer allows arriving passengers in. Also, as a side point, folks constantly walk down this way to find bathrooms (they are at the other end).

The Exhale Spa has come over from the old club as well but with some massive downgrades. First off, in the old club, you could have unlimited spa visits if there was open space that is, if you had say a massage and wanted another you could go check when the next open time was. Now you are limited to 1x per visit as well as a manicure if you wish to have one of those. Lastly, the spa in the old club was bathed in light. It was inviting and warm. This new one is cramped and all the windows are blocked off creating a cold cave type feel – really sad.

Now turning left from entrance we have more seating, some TVs as well as a kid’s play room.

The room auto dims the lights so even though it may seem closed, just open the door and walk in and it should light up. I really respect parents who take their kids here to maintain the quietness of the lounge (well, most of the time).

In the center of the club is the food service area and the bar. I was warned that it would be really crowded when I checked in and that I may have to share a table. Uh, NOPE!

Along the wall you again have a view to forget of the departures hall. The darkness of this view vs. the light of the old club is really depressing. Bar service is complimentary and top notch so at least that has not changed.

As we press on into the club you have more seating and the bathrooms for the lounge.

Just outside there is a coffee and water station (still and sparkling self service). I would avoid sitting near these as the coffee machine self cleans itself constantly and is rather loud.

At the very end of the lounge is a large space that you should check for open seats as few seem to go this far into the club.

The club computers and printer is also located back here but during my visit they were not working.

Also along the back wall are new seats that are very similar to those found in the LGA Centurion club.

There is also a large conference table by the computer area. You are welcome to bring your food back here fyi and this can be a nice place to dine.

Wisely they have installed 3 phone call rooms. I never found them in use but there were any number of guests who should have used them (no I do not want to facetime with your kids, folks)!

Now on to the food choices breakfast and lunch/dinner:

For breakfast you normally will find either pancakes or waffles as well as a protein or a hash as well as eggs of some fashion. Fresh fruit is standard as well as some kind of bread. Coffee, tea and juice are also provided.

The lunch / dinner choices do rotate but normally there is a chicken choice with vegetables and salad of some kind. I have rarely had a meal at an Amex club that has not been good or very good.

Now some final thoughts. Overall this new club really is a huge disappointment and downgrade from the old one. First off limiting entrance is ridiculous. If they are doing too good a job – keep the old club AND the new club open. Or, in some other way, adjust the card perks rather than blocking card members. That is gripe one.

Next the feel of the lounge. It is dark and not at all as pleasant as the old one. Maybe this is by design but it really is too bad. I left the old club with a smile each time – this one not so much. Pair this with the new spa limitations and there is less desire to visit at all. Even the famously scrumptious chocolate chip cookies somehow tasted not as good as before.

What do you think of the new club and all of the changes? Have you visited yet? – René



  1. Hello, Rene’, the restriction entering the Club may not be Amex but rather the Fire Marshall enforcing the maximum occupancy the Club was designed and approved by the local authorities. It really is a safety issue if that is why the restrictions are being enforced. There could be penalties for not obeying.

  2. Definitely will miss the old lounge.

    One reason for showers is for *connecting* flights. Thus you are still departing and eligible to use the lounge.

  3. I spoke to Amex customer service and they said there is nothing in the terms and conditions to allow a club to be arrivals only. They may only keep you from coming in if the club is at fire code capacity. So 1 in 1 out. DFW Centurion still refused. Amex offered $50 credit to eat elsewhere in the airport.

  4. I just left the lounge and must agree with some of your review. The setup is cramped and not conducive to relaxation. I’m glad I was connecting somewhere else, so I could get access.

    Overall, I found it more or less comfortable but can see your point. The staff was very helpful to me and were very professional and positive.

    The crowding abated about fifteen minutes into my stay, which really helped reduce the din but I wish they could have opted for a higher ceiling to help with the noise.

    Overall, it’s not as good as other Centurions I’ve seen but others that I talked to seemed to be happy with it.

  5. Eating dinner upon arrival while I let traffic die before going home is the main reason I carry a platinum. Looks like they lost one member.

  6. sad it good downgraded!! and into darkness ..too bad they did not keep both or enlarge one of them!!!!!!!

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