Review: NOVOO Power Bank 20100mAh with AC Outlet Laptop Portable Battery Bank

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There were a flurry of amazing tech deals the first week of December last year and one of them was just what I was looking for, that is, a replacement to my old (now dead) mega battery bank to recharge my laptop. My old one was only USB output plus a custom cord that matched my laptop power plug.

That was good – but it limited me as to what else I could charge or run (basically only USB stuff). I promised myself when it came time to find a replacement I would get one with a standard AC outlet for more flexibility. Also, now that my phone is USB-C power, I wanted a faster charging option than old school standard USB. When this NOVOO unit came up for ~30% off I grabbed one. Let’s see how well it has performed.

First off some bits about the unit. It is LARGE and really heavy (but so was my old 20k brick). You can not get away with small when you are going to have a real unit that provides this much power.

Also know that it comes with it’s own power cord to recharge the unit as it would take forever to charge on USB if that was an option (it is not). It does recharge from dead in a couple of hours so that is nice.

The main reason I got this is for travel and specifically car travel (well, and the fact my old unit was dead). As you can see it fits snugly into a cup holder in a car. Being able to recharge my laptop from dead all the way is just what I needed and expected (only once fyi for my laptop – my phone over and over and over) .

Just for fun I decided to see what else it could run. I plugged in a lamp and ran it for hours and hours (not that you should use it for this – it was just a test). Now, having traveled with the unit for a number of trips, I have found a number of instances an AC outlet has been really handy to have and not just for my laptop charging. The only real issue I really have with this bank is the round shape. It is perfect for the car cup holder but a bit of a pain on airplanes. The shape is just not the best and a different shape may be better if you do not spend much time driving and need AC power.

Overall I am very pleased for the price / performance / results and having AC power when needed is just a handy upgrade for me! – René




  1. Rene: Can you do an update of your:
    Do Delta USB power ports, on Jets or in Sky Clubs, provide “enough” power? DECEMBER 5, 2016
    Also what new USB meter would you recommend for your testing.
    – I have a DELL XPS 15 laptop (130w charger) That has never been able to charge on numerous Delta jets.

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