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Delta A220 Launch Delayed, Delta Flight Grounded due to Tweet, Old Delta CEO Negative Impact on Amtrak and other travel news!

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The first few posts in the list below are NOT from this past week, but you probably want to look at them. There is a DO$H/YELP/UBER offer for Sam’s Club today and tomorrow (was Friday as well) that means up to $40 cash and credits plus points. Also, this weekend is you last shot at either a $2,000 or 2000,000 new card bonus from Capital One. Oh, and you only have a few days left to choose your 2018 Medallion Choice Benefits so you may want to think about that as well!

The really big news news this week (from Deltaland) is the delay of the 1st A220 flight and what some did to try to fly it. Well that and a bunch of other travel news stories that caught my attention as “click worthy” headlines:

Considering the craziness of this past week in the travel space, there have to be a bunch of other stories you liked! If so, please comment below and include a link to the story. – René


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