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  1. Do any of your sky club lounges in Atlanta airport have beds?

  2. DENVER: All — I was just coming back to JFK from DEN yesterday, and at the Delta check-in desk, there is a sign saying that a new Sky Club is coming to Terminal A, 4th level, in Summer 2016. This may partially explain why Delta moved its operations from Terminal C to Terminal A quite recently. Great news for any Delta frequent flyers who travel to or from DEN!

  3. Kelly wright Reply

    At the old Sky Club at Sea-Tac South satellite today. There’s a sign advertising their new Sky Club coming to the main terminal in November of this year. The artwork makes it look like it will be a large comfortable 2 story layout. The counter agents say that we keeping the South satellite Sky Club at least in the short-term.

  4. I am an DL economy passenger and have a 5 hr layover in Paris in July. After doing research, I have concluded that I will not be able to use the Air France Arrivals lounge, due to being in Economy. Air France will let it’s Premium Economy passengers use the Arrivals Lounge. Only way Delta passengers can if they belong to SkyClub (not worth it for me).

    Any way around this? How can I get into this place? Or what should I do…This is real bummer. I’m traveling from the middle east and connecting to a DL flight.

    • @maxo – Correct. Skyteam GM+ can use if connecting. Only way around is find someone to guest you in. Kinda strange to lurk outside and ask but works.

  5. Is there any sort of arrivals lounge in FRA for SkyTeam? I can’t seem to find any info either way.

    I assume that the airside lounges aren’t accessible to arriving pax.

  6. Rene, I have a trip in a week that is business from AMS to JNB and JNB to CDG. The transatlantic segments are in coach though…

    What access will I have to Delta or other Sky team clubs?

    Thank you!

    • @Bob – If you are Gold Medallion or higher yes and only departure and connecting airports. If you have Sky Club membership you have access clearly.

  7. Rene, thanks and I have to apologize for not totally understanding.

    I am the only on our group with status (platinum). We are in coach from Chicago to Amsterdam and Business from AMS to Johannesburg.

    We are meeting 4 other people in AMS.

    Will those of us with Business seats from AMS to JNB have access to the lounge in Amsterdam?

    Will we be able to purchase a single day entry to a Sky Team lounge for our other traveling relatives?

    On the return, we are in Affairs (business) from JNB to Paris.

    Will we have club access in both Johannesburg and Paris?

    Thank you for the help!!!

  8. Hi Rene – I continue to see “Worldwide airport lounge access” for some credit card offers (this one is the Ritz Carlton Rewards card). Are these specially designated lounges, few are far between or ?? The annual fee is a lot less than a SkyClub membership but was wary how different it is. Thank you.

  9. Arriving DL business class passengers do have access to the Sky Lounge at FRA T1 (it’s just before the escalators to passport control). It looked like they were turning STE+ passengers away though, which seems odd, but DL’s website seems to indicate that only business class passengers have access now. The lounge employee mentioned something about a recent change in policy.

    Just thought I’d add this for others to reference. It is a smaller lounge with standard light food options. I used it to get a shower and an espresso, so it definitely served its purpose.

  10. Just spent a couple hours at MSP SkyClub on concourse C. All cups and glasses have been replaced with paper and plastic cups. Is this a permanent change? Something only pertaining to Minneapolis? Heard anything about this? I flew Wednesday through ATL and it was all glass there in the F concourse.

  11. Hey Rene,

    So I am hearing and reading two conflicting things from delta on this…I will be travelling non rev on another carrier and have a long layover during which I want to use my delta amex to buy lounge access. The agents on the elite line say I can buy it no problem, online, however, it seems to say I have to have a delta or partner ticket. Who is correct? Any experience with this?


    • @Jordan – If you have a BP and have an AMEX you can buy access. Not worth it IMO but you can.

  12. Hey Rene, thanks for clearing that up. Wonder why delta site says that. Either way, I am only considering it because I have an 8 hour layover coming back from Asia after landing at 7am in DFW…. And I can’t get free access not being on Delta. Oh should also mention its on Christmas day!

    Would you have a different suggestion for how to spend 8 hours in DFW?


    • @Jordan – Go no where NEAR the Sky Club. If you have an AMEX card it is $50 for the Centurion. Well worth it for 8 hours!

  13. Christopher A. Jones Reply

    I just received an email about the holiday skyclub promotion. What are your thoughts on purchasing the (4) pack of single visit passes for $149 or 14,000 miles? The (4) pack comes out to $37.25 per pass.

  14. I feel like Skyteam lounges are not keeping up with the competition. Domestic US you’ve got United stepping up with their new Polaris and American with their Flagship lounges, meanwhile Delta’s are all like cafeterias. Then there are Skyteam partner hub lounges in Asia like KE at ICN, MU at PVG, and CI in TPE, all pale in comparison to CX in HKG or EVA in TPE. In Europe you can compare Skyteam partners KLM in AMS vs LH in FRA and BA in LHR. Arguable AF has a fantastic first class lounge in CDG but it’s off limits to alliance elites.

    The list goes on and on but, IMO, Skyteam lounges are generally a level or two below competition in the same markets. You gotta wonder what they are thinking.

  15. I have a significant layover in Seattle. I have looked at the reviews for the different lounges, but I am wondering, in your opinion which is the best lounge?

    I have the Amex Platinum, and will be traveling on Delta.

  16. corinne g thompson Reply

    I asked this question of Amex via social media and was told yes. I booked a revenue ticket with Delta but flew on Westjet,their partner. The BP had both a a Westjet Flight # and a Delta flight #. When I double checked at a Delta counter, the agent insisted that “this is NOT a Delta flight and you may NOT use the lounge”. A”supv” was brought to me who also said same. She even claimed to manage the Sky Club. I even produced my itinerary and original booking documents.Am I correct or they?

    • @Corinne – If you were in business class on a Delta One or premium ticket you get in. A Delta code-share should work but the wording does say Skyteam only and Westjet is not Skyteam. I think you could have pushed it and shown this if the the ticket was DL(whatever number) on your ticket. See:

      Delta One® or SkyTeam Premium Cabin Passenger

      Customers traveling in Delta One on an international Delta flight or a domestic Delta flight connecting to/from a same-day international Delta flight* in Delta One or travel in international First/Business Class on a SkyTeam-operated flight. (In order to qualify for Club access, the customer must be confirmed in the premium (first or business class) cabin for the international segment of their itinerary.)

      *International Travel includes: Customers traveling to/from Europe, Asia, South America, Central America, Africa, Canada and Mexico (excludes travel to/from the Caribbean, Guam, Palau and Saipan).

  17. I’m flying out of JFK on Alitalia and have lounge access due to my Delta Medallion status. Am I able to access any SkyTeam partner lounge or only the Alitalia lounge?

  18. I have been a Platinum Medallion for many years, and a MM. This year, due to eroding benefits, I have decided to reduce my spend on DL. Question is: Come Feb 2019, Will I be able to use Skyteam lounges in Tokyo, Paris, Amsterdam ? I know, that benefits are till Jan 31 2019. ?


  19. Bonnielee Bruns Reply

    I probably posted in the wrong area so will try here. I realize that as of Nov. 15 2018 the Lounges are no longer selling one day passes. We are flying Business Class to Norway out of JFK in June. I had been searching on EBAY to see if anyone had passes for sale, as I have bought them in the pass. The only ones being sold (from trusted) sellers are all gray and with no expiration date. Are these valid?

    • @Bonnielee – They are valid until the printed date they expire. Be very careful of eBay sold passes. Many are fake.

  20. Santastico Reply

    Got to SkyClub today at MSP and handed out my Amex Platinum to get access. Lady told me it wasn’t necessary since I had Delta SkyClub Executive membership until 2020. Problem is that I don’t know how have it. I never purchased one. I still haven’t chosen any of my Choice Benefits for both Platinum and Diamond for 2019 and 2020. Any idea how I got this membership?

    • @Santasico – They paused a bunch for a while during changes. Does membership card show up in fly delta app?

  21. Santastico Reply

    It does not show anywhere other than on I assume Delta’s system. The lady at the SkyClub told ne I had Executive membership as soon as I scanned my boarding pass. When I looked surprised she told me when it would expire and that I could bring a guest for free. Again, I have never bought the membership and haven’t redeemed Choice Benefits for it.

  22. Betty McKissock Reply

    I currently have an individual SkyClub membership that will expire this summer. Since one of the most importsnt benefits to me was my access to the clubs of KLM and Air France intenationally and I am hesitant to pay for another SkyClub membership if I do not have this benefit. Is there any other way or card that will allow me access to these clubs. Especially important are the Clubs in Europe. Thanks for your help.

  23. Hi Rene – My wife and I are traveling domestically but she is traveling on United while I am traveling on Delta to the same location (I’m a work trip while she is using her remaining United miles). I have a AMEX Delta reserve card and have Platinum status. I have two questions on Delta lounge access.

    First, can I buy her day pass to access to the lounge at our departure airport although she is not flying Delta but I am?

    Second question, at the destination airport, can she use the day pass I bought at the departure airport but I am not with her (I arrive an hour after her). Would like her to relax at the lounge until I arrive.

    If not, any alternatives? I also have a Chase Sapphire card.



    • @Joe – Delta no longer sells a day pass sad to day so you will have to pay for you wife each time you two visit if she does not have a Reserve card or non-Delta Platinum card. You both must be flying Delta or a partner to enter. Does your wife have Priority Pass from another card to access another club?

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