“Subject: Your Delta SkyMiles Account will be closed” – The Latest Phishing Scam “looks” Really Authentic!

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Yikes – This looks real!

A reader forwarded me this latest scam attempt from who knows who to try to get your Delta info. Sure this is nothing new and I have blogged about Delta and Skyteam scam emails here and here and here and here over the years but the one above is a bit different.

This latest one looks really “good” i.e. it looks and uses so much Delta-ish bits that it, at first glance, looks official. Heck they even spoofed and included “From: “Delta Air Lines”<delta@e.delta.com>” in the return address to look even more real.

Clearly you never EVER click on these kinds of emails. Even if you think something has happened to your account you:

1) open a clean browser window,

2) type in Delta.com and verify you have landed on the real home page of Delta and then

3) change your password just to be safe.

These steps should make sure you are AOK. If not, contact Delta right away to have them get to work at their end to fix whatever has happened (even if partially your fault for clickin’ on stuff you should not have)!

Only at Level 1 or 2 Delta!

Delta is really good about sending out not just the confirmation email with your award tickets but also a second email congratulating you for your award. If you get one of these and did NOT book an award you need to ASAP follow the above steps. Now how proud you are of your real award redemption depends of if you ended up with a Level 1 or max Level 2 award (need help, my friend Adam is ready)!

Anyway, it is a good reminder for us to be very careful when we get any email to not trust embedded links and to go right to Delta.com (or use the Fly Delta App) when we need to check anything regarding our accounts. – René

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  1. Delta’s new home page is so disfuntional it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that it’s not authentic. No longer is it easy to book flights and check existing reservations. It’s a real nightmare.

  2. The other blatant dead ringer for these types of emails is they almost always have bad grammar. For example: “..up to date,Please” has a comma instead of a period at the end of the sentence and there’s no spacing between the comma and “Please”.

    They also often contain statements that don’t make sense or where it’s obvious that the person writing it is not a native English speaker. For example “This message confirms your SkyMiles account requires update.” isn’t something you are going to get an email from Delta about. What does that mean? If this was a valid communication from Delta it would be clearly written with good grammar and provide an explanation that you can understand more clearly.

  3. Why don’t you give someone a way too report scam emails so you can followup on them and shut them down?

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