Interesting: Delta Is Asking for Job Well Done E-Mails vs. Sending More Medallion Certs.

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Delta JWD elite certs

Well this is an interesting twist to something top Delta elites have complained about for a very long time. You see the above are Delta Job Well Done (JWD) certs. They are given each year to Platinum and Diamond Medallions in their annual elite kits (Silver and Gold Medallions no longer get these kits and never got JWD certs when they did). Also, over the years, the number of certs sent out have been reduced. I love giving these to Delta folks who think outside the box, if you will, to find a way to help me even if it means overcoming ridiculous Delta IT roadblocks.

All the details about these certs are not published by Delta but data points around the web tell us that the Platinum JWD certs can be turned in for about $5 in cash and the Diamond ones for $10. Additionally, employees who have the most received can get additional recognition by Delta. Bottom line, Delta folks like getting these JWD certs!

But a frustration elites have is that you can not request more JWDs once you have given all yours out for the year (trust me I, and others, have tried). A workaround for me is to make up personal JWD cards and include something small like an Amazon $5 gift card in each one to thank Delta folks when they “Strive For Five” that is, provide outstanding service (as they almost always do)! But now Delta has come up with something new and it seems all medallions can now play along! Take a look:

From Delta PR e-Mail

“You told us you want more ways to thank Delta employees who go above and beyond to deliver exceptional service as you’re out there living the #DeltaMedallionLife. And we heard you.

Tell us about your great experience with a Delta flight attendant, pilot, Delta Sky Club ambassador, on the Diamond Medallion Member phone line, and more. And keep an eye out—your story could be featured in the future!

Send your story to” – from Delta PR e-mail

Count me impressed. To be able to jot down the name of the Delta person, in whatever capacity, who took great care of us and email off a commendation that will get to the right place to recognize them is really nice.

So just what kind of rewards will Delta folks get for these kinds of emails? Who knows and the Delta folks I shared the above email with yesterday had no idea the program even existed. I am sure we will find out over time. I hope it is more than just a PR stunt and if we take the time to email that Delta does reward the folks we are e-mailing about.

What do you think? Do you like this idea of being able to have a targeted email to commend outstanding Delta folks to Delta? Will you take the time to use this e-mail feature? I would love to know! – René



  1. One can never have too many means by which to compliment and thank the hard-working, dedicated folks at Delta. Great idea.

  2. I think it’s a fantastic idea. If they will in fact reward the employee with recognition or something

  3. Wow — an “enhancement” that affects employees.

    I like that we now have the opportunity to recognize more Delta employees.

    But given Delta’s sketchy IT history, who knows if the compliment submission will actually work the way it should.

    Also, this is a convenient way for Delta to “misplace”/lose rewards for employees, should they want to save the airline more money, instead of giving employees their rightful rewards.

    Finally, I always enjoy seeing a Delta employee’s face light up whenever they receive a JWD cert. I’ll be sad to see that part go.

  4. I love this idea and I will use it. I’m a big believer in recognizing a job well done. I often write my compliments on the Delta website and I always receive a reply back.

  5. To whom did this announcement go? I didn’t get one so is it targeted on our end too? I am PM and give out JWD certs all the time(until I run out).


  6. I think it is a way for Delta to get congratulatory emails intended for certain employees but the employee will never see the compliment. Delta will say how many compliments they get as if we were complimenting Delta and not specific employees. Fake empty Delta Smokecreen. (FEDS)

  7. I just sent them the following:
    On 28 Aug 2018, DELTA 810 (SLC/DFW + DFW/SLC)–return

    Re: Madison (SLC crew), lead flight attendant on the flight, front cabin

    This is to congratulate Delta for Madison, a wonderful ambassador for the larger values that Delta stands for–and actually, for our own values as a nation.

    On a long day of travel, Madison raised the bar, both with her competence (forward thinking) and her her communication skills and humanity. She was incredibly service oriented–checking what folks needed, letting us know when one of the menu selections had run out so the rest of us would not be disappointed, not staying in the galley but continually checking if there was anything else any of us would like. On the return leg on the same day, she remembered both me and a fellow DM I met on the plane–by name and greeted us warmly.
    I also saw her working with a very sweet junior flight attendant helping to train her supportively. Two things that meant the most to me that goes above and beyond what I normally experience:

    1) she made a point near the end of the trip, in the final announcements, of greeting and thanking any service personnel or veterans or reserve members on the plane, to thank them for their service to the country (I am not military myself but I really appreciated the recognition of a civic duty that was not in any way political but spoke to community values)–it was somehow “noble” and kind.

    2) on the return trip, she recognized two separate couples who were having special flight days–one couple hod just gotten married; another couple who were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. Every body clapped.

    In a sense, her own set of values made it a much better flight experience and created a sense of community on the plane. She is a standout. Please recognize and thank her.

  8. Good idea. I see only one downside. More than once, after I turned in a paper compliment, a flight attendant has given me a few snacks or micro bottles of liquor “for the road.”

    But maybe that can happen with email, too. Years ago, a Medallion Desk agent went FAR out of her way to rebook an international mileage run for me at the last minute. And, forget about change fees, she rebooked it at a slightly lower price than I’d paid originally. It took me a long time to figure out how I could praise her via, but I finally figured that out. Two days later, when I arrived at ORD to start my trip, the gate agent paged me and upgraded me to 1st Class with bed for my ORD-AMS leg.

  9. I just received my Platinum luggage tags and welcome kit in the mail for the current year (through FEB2019) last week. I did not notice until reading this post that I did not get any Job Well Done certificates in the package. I actually gave out four in July related to a short notice transpacific trip. Is there a way to request the blank certificates? When I’ve handed them personally the recipient in the past, they seem to appreciate them in a way that seems to exceed the $5.00 cash value.

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