My 2019 Delta Platinum Medallion Kit Finally Arrived — On June 8!

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2019 Delta Platinum Medallion brag tag / baggage tag.

René, back in March, shared that Medallion kits would be delayed till the end April this year. This after new (really cheap and ugly) separate Million Miler kits were sent out. It took a while but my Delta Platinum Medallion kit with brag tags and JWD certificates have finally showed up — halfway into the year!

I’ve been a Delta Medallion for the past half-dozen years and held each level of elite status (except Delta360). My Medallion kits generally arrived in February or March each year. (My wife received her 2019 Platinum Medallion envelope back in March — and loves reminding me.)

When nothing arrived by April —including my e-HOOU certs — I called the Platinum Medallion Desk to confirm my details. Did they send the kit already? Maybe it got lost in the mail? Did my neighbors high-jack my brag tags?

My speculation ran wild. 🙂

The rep said a new vendor is distributing the Medallion credentials this year and some mailings were delayed. She said to sit tight through April.

Nothing showed up by early May, so I tried the good folks at @Delta on Twitter. The rep ordered a new kit after confirming my SkyMiles number, birth-date, address. S/he also said I’d receive everything within two to four weeks and the HOOUs would post to my Fly Delta app during that period as well.

It’s Heeeere!

Sandwiched between a couple of Amex bills Saturday (which are vital to pay on time!) was my Delta Platinum Medallion kit.

Delta Platinum Medallion 2019 Welcome kit envelope.

Finally in the mail Saturday!

What I Noticed

Forgive me for being late to the game — many of you Medallions surely got your kits already — but I see Delta added “Experience the Platinum Medallion Difference” to this year’s tags.

Delta Platinum Medallion 2019 brag tags

My new Platinum brag tags.


Delta Platinum Medallion 2017 brag tag.

My 2017 Platinum Medallion brag tag.

I do miss physical membership cards, simply because they come in handy overseas when accessing SkyTeam lounges. Fortunately, I still have my 2018 Diamond Medallion card tucked in alongside my passport. Also know you can no longer request replacement tags no matter what elite level you have earned with Delta.

Delta Diamond Medallion membership card with passport.

If you still have one, keep your physical Medallion membership card somewhere safe — like in your passport wallet!

What’s the Big Deal?

So are Medallion kits really something special? As a travel loyalty program nerd, I get a kick out of them.

Personally, I enjoy spotting other Delta flyers’ brag tags. It’s always interesting — to me, at least — to see which levels get upgraded, who’s flying where, and all sorts of other trivial things I think up at the airport.

My brag tags are pretty worn by year’s end — often crunched in overhead bin doors or car trunks, stepped on, and all sorts of other mishaps. Receiving new ones is nice. I strongly recommend, though, forgoing the plastic tag fasteners (pictured above with the brag tags) Delta provides Platinums and lower; I use these cables instead. They’re far more durable — and you can easily add other tags (contact information, Million Miler brag tags…).

I love the Job Well Done certificates. Giving them to a deserving Delta employee — and there are many — is always fun. I wish Delta gave us more JWD certs. Until then, we can make our own. We can also email

Delta Platinum Medallion JWD or Job Well Done certificates.

JWD or Job Well Done certificates

The HOOU certificates still haven’t posted. I’m usually in first class or a C+ where cocktails are complimentary. Besides, when I’m seated in the Main Cabin, it’s usually an emergency exit row seat — where I probably shouldn’t be knocking down too many drinks anyway. 😉

Do You Like or Use the Medallion Kits? When Did You Receive Yours This Year?

Are brag tags an obnoxious DYKWIA (do you know who I am) symbol? Do you enjoy having them? Are you STILL waiting for your 2019 kit to arrive? Tell us in the Comment section below! — Chris



  1. Delta is a bit weird on how they handle shipping Medallion kits. I am currently Delta 360 and I received the tags on January 2019. However, I had already received the Diamond tags for 2019. On April 2019 I qualified for Diamond for 2020 (several flights plus rollover MQMs from last year) and I then received my Diamond kit for 2020. Thus, I already have the tags that I am “supposed” to use for 2020 and if Delta decides to change the style so be it.

  2. I made diamond for 2019 in July 2018. This year I made platinum for 2020 in early March 2019 . I have not received my platinum welcome package yet. I wonder if they are even going to send a platinum pack this year?!

  3. Beat you by a couple days. Mine arrived in a “timely manner” on 6/4. After March I had forgotten about them.

  4. I got those dreadful red million miler tags early on but was ashamed to put the on my bags. The Diamond Medallion tags arrived sometime in May. They no longer say 2M, indicating 2million miles, so if I want brag tags for DM and 2M, I’ve got to put on two tags. Come on Delta, how much did it cost to produce one tag with everything on it?
    Still not going to put those ugly red tags on my bag. I’m just using last the DM tag from last year.
    As I the only one that feels this way?

  5. I don’t think in ladders. You won’t see MM or DM brag tags on my bags.
    Upgrades and other perks that come with frequent flying are great. But brags tags? No thank you.
    Delta needs to bring back something I WOULD use: membership cards. With magnetic strips.
    And while they’re at it they could include in a few more JWD notes too!

  6. Agree with Bill. I have 2019 and 2020 DM tags. Use red ones behind my raised logo DM/MM tags with metal ties. Almost never check bags, so they’re still good. Most of my travel is int’l, so I agree with Wayne as well: metal ID cards with stripe would be VERY welcome! So much easier abroad. JWDs as also. (So many exceptional Delta folks!) Tags, cards, etc., do make them look twice- Delta folks and other carriers….many, many times saved me hassles. Put the SM # back on, you won’t see them online for sale anymore…

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